Interview with Captain Navon


Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

I am Navon Heltura of Elvorium. “Heltura” means, in the Common Tongue, “mountain born.” As both my parents abandoned me in my home city in the Æntara, the name was quickly applied over my previous identity. But I assure you, I’m quite alright emotionally and otherwise. I joined the military and have found the culture of the Sel’vi to be very agreeable. Life worked out for the best.

What things do you like or dislike.

I have always had a particular hate for onions. Well, not all onions, but when they crunch, they’re revolting! Fortunately, this isn’t a common addition to elven dishes. As Jikun has a nasty habit of dining in low-bred taverns, I’ve unfortunately run into this human tendency to ruin food by this method more than a couple of times.

Speaking of human taverns: I also dislike them.

As for my likes, I’m not a picky elf. I find most things agreeable to some degree. Elvorium boasts such advances in magic, poetry, song, and dance, one can find little to complain about!

Any love interest in your life?

No, I’m afraid I have not had the time for such things. I have been on the road so often as of late that I swear the only women I see are those that sneak down from the general’s quarters at daybreak. And a particular, blue-eyed, blue-haired grouch who reveals herself in fits every time I so much as whisper the word necromancy.

What’s your relationship with your general, Jikun?

We are very close. It’s difficult to form a strong bond with your subordinates, but the general, that is, Jikun, has always shown a particular ease around me. But he ruffles up at the mention of anything personal. The Darivalians can be so standoffish!

Anything you dislike about yourself that you would want to change?

I have countless flaws to be certain. I’m not as brave as I should like to think I am. I’m not as wise as I ought to be. I certainly let Jikun have his way where I should be assertive. I could go on, but it’s rather embarrassing. Suffice to say, I leave a lot to be desired when compared to any of our history’s great heroes.

What are your views on the present situation in your country, Sevrigel?

Disheartening would be an understatement. Sevrigel has been my home for many years and it devastates me to leave her. But I… I couldn’t leave Jikun. I suppose this is yet another flaw and I only hope he proves I made a redeemable decision.

Anything you can say to us about the next steps on your life?

Forward. That’s all one in our situation can do. I can’t ignore what has happened at home and I only pray that Jikun and I find a way to salvage what we have done.

Will we see any action between you and the general?

Wh-what? I believe the general’s preference is for cheap, easy women. (laughs*) No, no, the general is like a brother to me. An older, surly, hot-headed brother. (blushes*)

Anything to add?

This was a lovely interview, Joss. Thank you for such a splendid opportunity!



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