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The Prophecy Of The Elements – Paula De Vera

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A Memory of Things To Come | Blitz

A Memory of Things To Come | Blitz

  < p class="MsoNormal" style="text-align: center;">Scifi / Fantasy Date Published: October 17, 2023     A secret war rages on our planet, hidden just below the thin veneer of our...

Magic Books | Review

Magic Books | Review

Review ★★★★★ I found this book very fascinating and useful really, truly we need to heal ourselves to be able to help others to heal, the spells are quite simple and wholesome, I will be trying a...


We review in an array of genres. Our languages Spanish and English. Only with Tours or arc pages (as netgalley and booksirens)



We do author and characters interview, it makes the books more fun and immersive.

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I participate in lots of books tours and giveaways, stay tuned so you can participate on those.

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