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Who is Joselyn?
My name is Joselyn, I created this blog to share my passion for reading with the world and I also love that others discover authors and new books with me.

My favorite genres are Horror, Thrillers and Suspense.

You will find me mostly reading in English, but most have Spanish translations so hopefully you will find a new reading among my reviews.


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Latest Posts

Blitz Rising Wind

Rising Wind Series, Book Two Action / Suspense / Mystery Cross Genre Date Published: May 2021 Paleontologist Dr. Secora James is still reeling from injuries sustained in the previous summer’s...

Death Opens a Window Spotlight

  Mourning Dove Mysteries, Book 2 Mystery, Crime Fiction, LGBTQ Publisher: Acorn Publishing Date Published: Oct 19, 2019   BEST eBOOK SUSPENSE/THRILLER - New Apple Book Awards BEST COVER...

Review The JOY of LIVING

The JOY of LIVING (™) is Your passport to being Healthier and Wealthier. Barry Shore, the Ambassador of JOY, reveals the 11 Strategies that You can use to slay stress and be happy….no matter the...

Becoming Brooklyn Blitz

Becoming Brooklyn Amanda Deich Publication date: January 5th 2021 Genres: Contemporary, Science Fiction, Young Adult Eighteen-year-old Brooklyn never knew her father. Rex Blackburn died in the 9/11...

Review Street Party

The party was supposed to be the highlight of the summer. If only I’d known that night would destroy our lives… All the neighbours were laughing, drinking out of plastic glasses and getting along. I...

Review The Murder at the Vicarage

The murder of Colonel Protheroe -- shot through the head -- is a shock to everyone in St Mary Mead, though hardly an unpleasant one. Now even the vicar, who had declared that killing the detested...

Review Dreams Of The Queen

Dr. Cass Baros is haunted by dreams of an alien world... ...and will do anything to find it. Relentlessly, she works her science team--along with her co-project leader and fiancé, Dr. Julian...

Reviews Jurassic Park

An astonishing technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA has been discovered. Now humankind’s most thrilling fantasies have come true. Creatures extinct for eons roam Jurassic Park with...

Review The Neil Gaiman at the End of the Universe

A man awakens, adrift in deep space, with little memory of who he is – only to discover that he is the commander of a space mission; the rest of the crew is gone; and he is apparently a writer of...

Blitz Raven Fire

Raven Fire Is prophecy real; can Arridia and Joss defeat a god? Evil never sleeps, and neither can the fire spirits who have guarded Kesta and her family so faithfully for more than fourteen years....

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