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Fantasy Adventure (Adult)

Date of Publication: 1 September 2023


Rojo Siete Φωτιά

The red dragon full of chaos fire magic must serve the human mages for
seventy years.

Leslie Μάγος

Orphaned human child of slaves, sold to the Magesterium to train as a mage,
and paired with a fire dragon.

Ruven Σκιά

Shadow assassin elf turned tracker with a hellhound who eats the

Heista Νεκρός

An undead priest risen and controlled by the most powerful


Tiamat is a demon god from Earth now banished to a world full of magic and
dragon. Lucky for him, his dragon form is a six-headed dragon. The magic
here is not like on Earth, it comes from dragons, not from souls.

To be a god on this world, he must learn how to harness the power of the
dragons. So, pretending to be less than he is, he joins the Magesterium to
train as a mage. He masters this ability easily but is paired with a dragon
who was once a human. Her dragon mate has died and if he doesn’t pair
with her, the other dragons will kill her.

Her magic is weak, but Tiamat can fix that. He can show this world that the
dragons banished from their clans can find a new purpose, just like him.
Until his past catches up and demons from Earth arrive to take a soul from
Tiamat that they feel is theirs. Turns out, necromancy is easy to do on this
world and the other demons have no qualms about using it.

To defeat the other demons, Tiamat must give up the new life he’s
found, and become the god he was destined to be.

This story is told from multiple viewpoints and is available in both an
all-ages friendly adaptation (Mage & Magic) and the original (Mages and
Mates) which has a heavier focus on romance.


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Fantasy Adventure (Adult)

Date of Publication: 8 September 2023


Olje Ιππότης

Dedicated Goblin Paladin of the Sun Deities, raised as an undead protector
to Tiamat


Religious Goblin Monk, fierce warrior, and bound to Mage Tiamat as his

Tiamat ψόφιος

Six-headed demon god dragon sworn to protect the inhabitants of this

Neo Νερό

Water Dragon, bound to Mage Peter and entangled with demons.


Goblins have secrets. Their knowledge of science has created the sun
deities and given them the power to harness the holy sun power from another
plane of existence. Their methods of creating the coveted gold is unethical.
Their practices drive a wedge in their alliance to the six-headed demon god
Tiamat and soon elves, humans, dragons, and goblins are divided in who they
will trust in the coming war against the undead.

New mages and dragons become trusted allies, while others are lost. Neo, a
water dragon, despises elves and undead, yet vows to help Tiamat in order to
protect his clan. Olje, a goblin monk, once faithful to Tiamat, shifts his
priorities when an unwitting mage comes into possession of a clutch of
goblin gold. This gold must be acquired and kept safe at all costs, even if
it means asking the elves for help.


This story is told from multiple viewpoints and is available in both an
all-ages friendly adaptation (Mage & Magic) and the original (Mages and
Mates) which has a heavier focus on romance.


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About the Author

Nina Schluntz is a native to rural Nebraska. In her youth, she often wrote
short stories to entertain her friends. Those ideas evolved into the novels
she creates today.

Her husband continues to ensure her stories maintain a touch of realism as
she delves into the science fiction and fantasy realm. Their three cats are
always willing to stay up late to provide inspiration, whether it is a howl
from the stray born in the backyard or an encouraging bite from the so
called “calming kitten.”


You can find Nina at:





Queer Romance Ink




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When I read the title on this one, I went all in, love mythology and fantasy reads, however I wasn’t expecting this level of awesomeness.

There´s a lot of plot twists that are super fun and entertaining, it made my day and I couldn’t put it down I wanted to know what else was going to happen really.

It had so many details and subplots here and there I was fascinated with everything, it felt so new even and the protagonist that at some point move to a more passive role later on but keep coming still was actually so interesting, because even when a lot of things revolved about him he didn´t need to be present for them to be, love it.

So recommended for fantasy lovers that are looking for something fun and different.

This one didn’t disappoint, in this one I feel that i got to know more about what happened in the first one, now in the eyes of Tiamat mostly and then other events that further the storyline very interestingly.

I had so much fun with the spiciness in this book, and the feeling from other parties came into account very intriguing really.

Definitely another wild ride but a very fun at that, we get to know more of the demons motivations and wants and a little of they´re plans in these planet.

Anxious to read the next one already.


“The fire sprites,” I said before Gruillie could answer my question. “Your fucking sun deities are female goblins?”

“No-no,” Gruillie quickly denied, but I could see the fear in his eyes. 

“What did you call them?” Olje asked. 

“I saw them,” I said. I glanced at him briefly, not wanting to bring up the memory. “When you turned me into your dragon mate. They took me to another astral plane or something. They looked like sprites to me, but I figured out they were the things you worship as sun deities. They were the same size as goblins. Same shape. Fuck. I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out sooner.”

“Okay, okay, let’s pretend aye agree with ye,” Gruillie said.

“Let’s drop the pretenses, monk,” I snapped. “Have they always been sun deities or was that a side effect from all your experiments? The men got the ability to turn into dragons, and the women became fire creatures?”

“They don’t like to be called creatures,” Olje said.

“Monsters, then?”

They both gasped, like they thought I’d be smited for saying such a thing.

“Deities. They are sun deities.”

“You’re terrified of them.”

“Of course, we are. All our power comes from them. They are the gods of this world.”

“Born or made, Gruillie. Tell me.”

He clenched his jaw, refusing to speak.


“Made.” This earned him a swift whack from the staff Gruillie held. “Aye can’t help it. He’s my necromancer. Aye have to obey.”

“You didn’t think you should tell me about this?”

“Do ye know what would happen if word got out? Imagine the elves becoming sun deities? Or dragons? We have to keep our secrets close-hold.”

“Your women are running around pretending to be gods.”

“They aren’t pretending,” Olje said. “They are gods.”

“They are your daughters,” I growled. “They are suffering from a side effect of your people’s experiments.” It took me a few swipes but I managed to yank Gruillie’s staff from him. “So, your women are sun deities and somehow you’re able to channel their power through gold objects?”

“Aye,” Gruillie said.

“Did you ever try to fix them?” They were both silent. “Did you ever ask them if they want to be normal again?”

“They aren’t exactly talkative,” Gruillie said. “When they are on our… as ye put it astral plane… they light things on fire and sing songs. So, when they hatch, we banish them.”

“You banish them. Of course, you do.” I put both hands on the staff and tried to focus on the sun power residing in it. I had more power now, thanks to the elf, so it was possible I could shift to the other plane. I’d gone there before, and I hadn’t been nearly as powerful as I was now. 

My world filled with a golden haze, and my body burned with pain like it had on that first day. In the flames that danced around me, I saw the figures slowly become distinct. I grabbed the nearest one and held onto them, pulling them into a bearhug and shoving my darkness into them. It snuffed out their light and I shifted back to the plane we belonged in, still holding her tightly. 

I held the staff in front of us, channeling what remained of the sun powers into it, then dropped it. I couched and released the goblin I held. She stumbled and wobbled in circles for a bit, completely naked, with disheveled red hair that was so long it kept tripping her. She saw the two men with us and hurried to cover herself with the hair.

“A woman,” Gruillie said. He looked at me. “How did ye do that?”

“I don’t think I could have without the elf bond.” My head throbbed, and my body was exhausted. “It’ll be a bit before I can do it again.”

“We need to get out of here. We can’t stay on this beach.” Olje glanced wearily in the direction of Dragon Isle. We were a bit too close to that. “Can ye make us a portal?”

“Only to the Magesterium… but, I know a guy.” I reached out to Mage Peter and told him to come. Instead of shifting to smoke and flying to us, he opened a portal. Because of course, portals were easy for him to make. 

He stepped through, bringing his dragon with him. 

“What is this?” the blue dragon asked in his human form. 

“You’re going to keep your mouth shut about all of this,” I said. “Do that, and I’ll put in a good word about you to Leslie.”

The dragon nodded. 

“I need you to make a portal to Benchual Temple,” I said.

“You called me here to make you a portal? You’re a mage, can’t you do that yourself?” Peter asked.

“Oye, ye be a new undead. Welcome,” Olje said, strolling over with his hand extended.

“Undead.” The dragon looked at Peter. “When did that happen? You died? He’s your necromancer?”

“Want to join him?” I asked.

“I did not say I had a problem with it. No problems. No, sir.” He politely stepped back and clasped his hands. 

“Is yer dragon a juvenile? He looks to be a wee one of ten,” Olje said.

“I’m not as short as you,” the dragon snapped.

“Stop it. Portal now. We need to get her somewhere and I…” I couldn’t stand. “Need to rest.” I shot a glare at Peter. “I better not wake up in a fucking dungeon.”

“Oh, aye knew there’d be a reason he killed ye,” Gruillie said. “Give me one of yer robes. Me and the lass be naked.”

As Peter obliged, helping to cover the nude goblins, it was the water dragon who came to me and offered to help me stand. He was remarkably short, not even reaching my shoulders, but he was stout and easily took my weight. 


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