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Veiled crimes of an evil physician


Medical Thriller

Date Published: January 18, 2023


It’s hard to imagine that a physician we think we know well could have an
obscure dark side. We have the affirmation of our family and friends that
our physician is trustworthy, competent, and our advocate. This riveting
novel dares to ask: What evil can a physician inflict behind the exam room

New obstetric residency graduate Dr. Faith Pernitelli is settling into her
career when a fellow provider is accused of taking advantage of his
position. After she divulges her patients’ stories, Pernitelli
discovers that doing the right thing for victims isn’t as
straightforward or well received as she expects. Moreover, her
Asperger’s diagnosis, which once served as a gift to her profession,
is now a curse that threatens everything—including her

As relationships change during stormy efforts to do the right thing,
Pernitelli must decide if fighting for the truth is worth the lies with
which her adversaries retaliate. Who will stick with her when their lives
are threatened in the crossfires of justice? The consequences of fighting
for justice in a quiet New Mexico community are unfathomable in this intense
medical thriller where powerful enemies hide the truth—no matter the
human cost. The truth may not set you free after all in this riveting
medical thriller from a seasoned physician author.

About the Author

Dr Tony Scott is a retired obstetrician and anesthesiologist who practiced
for forty years. He currently writes medical mysteries and thrillers.


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