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The Mind Sleuth Series #6


Psychological thriller

Date Published: 05-02-2023

Publisher: Mind Sleuth Publications


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Bullied to death in the boardroom?

Private Investigator Rebecca Marte doubted it. Since when would the
president and CEO of a highly successful company find the criticisms of his
subordinates so destructive to his self-image that he would commit suicide?
That, however, was what her new client, Nicole Veles, claimed.

Nicole painted a toxic, if not criminal, picture of defamation leading up
to the man’s death. His problems were more than just the
company’s bottom line. They ranged from public ridicule of some of his
out-of-date marketing concepts that had been leaked to the press to a police
report from a young man who claimed the president and CEO had propositioned
him. And after his demise, one of his most vocal detractors ascended to his
position. That was enough to raise Rebecca’s suspicions. She took the

But as she began her investigation, hints that Nicole’s beliefs were
tainted by her history became difficult for Rebecca to ignore. Two years
earlier, Nicole had been kidnapped, and she still bore the mental and
emotional scars of abuse and captivity. She’d cut all connections to
her friends and fled her past by relocating to Colorado where no one knew
her. She took a job where long-term relationships were impossible, save one
stubborn older woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer—and who
just happened to be the wife of the suicide victim

While everyone else thought the man’s death, while tragic, was just
the consequence of high-pressure business and depression over the loss of
the company he had founded, could Rebecca trust anything to the contrary
that her new client told her?


“Tension is well-developed, whether it’s psychological revelations
that involve Rebecca more deeply in her client’s life than she’d imagined,
the wedge between client and investigator driven home by the victim’s
wife, or the probe of a business structure that supports dangerous

-Midwest Book Review



About the Author

Until ten years ago, I was a human factors psychologist doing research on
cutting edge technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence
at a major aerospace company. The aim? Fit these technologies to the way
people learn, remember, and do their jobs, not the other way around. But if
the world can be shaped to work with us, it can just as surely be molded to
destroy us.

Now, I’m an author writing “The Mind Sleuth Series”,
stories where the evil side of research and science too often surface.
Sometimes the devastation is unintentional. Sometimes, it’s motivated
by greed or passion, but it’s always a race to see if and how my
heroes—Doc, Nicole, Rebecca—can turn the tide.

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