Review Policy

Welcome to my Blog, I feel happy you’re considering us to review your book.


Availability for Review arcs: At the moment we are not accepting more arcs. Only Arcs I wil lbe reading at the moment will be netgalley’s, book sirens, arc lists).

We could offer at this moment spotlights for the book or an author inteview, if interested in that option please write us on the form at Home.

Formats we read

    • Mobi ebooks
    • Audiobooks
    • Print Books (only if not on kindle or any other epub format)
    • For the print books please ask us for the address we have several reviewers.


Self Published Authors

If you’re self published you find the best blog for that, I love to meet new authors and recommend them to the world, so please do let me know your book.

Genres I Prefer (Joselyn)

I do mostly thrillers, Horror and Sci-fi, but I do enjoy Historical romance, Rom Com, YA, High Fantasy, Self help, Horror, Comic, among a lot of others. I invite you to click on my reads to see what I been reading, and on Reviewers I have friends doing reviews with me so maybe one of them will love to review any other genre.

For others preferences you can visit the reviewers page and see their selected genres.

Genres I don’t really read

These are few I think, but i don’t thrill with animal abuse without reason, Biographies just not for me either not something I enjoy.

You can always send the book if not really my thing I can always offer a spotlight or an interview so other people can know the book and the author.

About My Reviews

I can’t promise a good review for everyone but they will always be honest and fair, if I don’t like a book I will give my point of view in the most constructive way I can, most likely it’s not the book but my tastes and preferences.

Please be aware we are a few more people reading and reviewing, each person has their style and their opinions are theirs, we do our best to keep the reviews constructive and honest.


You can help us: if you still want to send your book for review you can pay us $5 via paypal, this way we will give priority to your book and we guarantee we will be reading it in the next two weeks at the extent of our capabilities. Now let’s keep in mind this is only to put you book on the top of the list, it will not guarantee a positive review.

We do not sell reviews !!

Other Things I do

If not a review, I do love to do Authors and characters interviews, Spotlights for the book, Tours and Giveaways, Cover Reveals, Guest Blogging, if I can help in any way let me know.

We do know have other reviewers coming on board so if I can’t do the review personally I would let you know which of my fellows reviewers would be able to and we will post it on the blog and all my social media for exposure.

Thank you so much for considering us for reviewing your book, and hope to be in contact with you soon!!


Remember to write us on the form located in Home.

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