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  • NEW BOOK & BATH GOODIES EVERY MONTH: put your “me time” on autopilot and get a box of reading and relaxation delivered to your door each month! New theme, unique bath items, 1-2 books in the genre of your choice, and 5 or more eBook downloads per month.
  • CHOOSE BOOK GENRE: Choose from contemporary romance, paranormal romance (The Mystic), historical romance (Swept Away), or a Mystery/Thriller subscription box. Standard subscribers get 1 paperback monthly, premium subscribers get 2 paperback books monthly.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, SAFE ITEMS: the ingredients of most of our bath items are things you’ll find right in your pantry.
  • SUPPORT FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS: most of the included bath items are handmade in the USA & Canada by small business owners, everything from adorably-shaped bath bombs to fizzy bath dust, bubble bath, body wash, handmade soap.
  • COMMUNITY & LOYALTY PROGRAM: Join our exclusive community for the online “Bubbles Night” event, and get stickers every month to track loyalty rewards given to subscribers at 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months.


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