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Breaking Point
Bailey Thomas
(Mill Creek Mystique)
Publication date: October 9th 2023
Genres: Adult, Romance, Suspense

FBI analyst, Noah Parker, receives credible intelligence on a kidnapped woman from a ghost in his past who happens to be the man who shot him. The catch, he must act alone to obtain the geographic coordinates of her location.

Terrified and alone, Jasmine West doesn’t know if she’ll survive another day. When a lone man appears in her makeshift prison, they forge an alliance to survive.

Can they find the middle ground between analyzing and action when corruption and deceit surround them?

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Author Bio:

Bailey Thomas lives in the beautiful but hot southwest with her husband and their adorable four-legged children. An only child, Bailey’s active imagination and adventurous nature always kept her busy. Now, she channels those creative powers into storytelling.

Her wonderful husband encouraged her to chase her dream of becoming an author and continues to be her greatest champion. Being able to write these stories has been a thrilling experience that is truly special to her.

When she’s not behind a computer working on her next deadline, she’s reading her favorite authors, playing with her fur babies, and spending time with her husband. They love to watch movies and sports and play all types of games.

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Noah added his money into the pot. When his cards were dealt,
he arranged them in his hand before increasing his bet. He answered his
cell phone on the first ring, not bothering to check his caller ID.
“Hello,” he said, holding his money in his hand.
“How’s the shoulder healing?”
Noah’s eyes widened at that question. He tried to match the
voice to a name but came up empty. “Who the hell is this?”
“The one who squeezed the trigger that night in the forest.”
Noah’s heart thudded against his chest while his mind raced with
the implications of that statement. He’d taken a round on the right side
of his chest that had collapsed his lung and required surgery to remove
the bullet.
The night his team went after Talon, the leader of Falcon––the
crime syndicate, the FBI had invested numerous time and resources,
investigating–– he’d come across mercenary soldiers fleeing the scene
when he’d been shot.
“Waltzer?” he asked, his tone cautious yet direct.
“Ah, you’d be correct. I’m sorry about our last encounter.
Hazards of the job, right? I have something for you, but you need to
hightail it to Mexico City. A female has been kidnapped, and the window17
to help her will close soon. I’m assuming she’s an agent, but I’m not
entirely sure. She’ll only be at this camp for maybe seventy-two hours
before she’s moved.”
“Excuse me for not jumping at your suggestion. Why are you
telling me this and not doing something about it yourself?”
“It’s simple. I can’t. But I trust you to get the job done like you
did for Dalton’s sister, Maggie. Your new role will allow you to move
quickly while avoiding all the normal red tape the Bureau requires.

“How the hell do you know about my new position? I want some
answers that make sense.”
“We don’t always get what we want,” Waltzer snapped. “We’re
not that different, Noah. We protect those who need it, whether they
realize it or not. The only difference is how we engage to get our desired
results. All you need to know is that I’m on the right side of the fight.
Don’t overthink it. Have Guzman inquire about Orion, but watch your
six for blowback.”
“Who the hell is that?” Noah bit out the question a little harsher
than he wanted. “Never mind, I’d rather know what’s in this for you.”
“You’re wasting precious time with needing to be coddled. The
only thing I want to know is why the woman was following me. It’s a
win-win. You save the girl, and I get my answers. Now, when you arrive,
drive to the city of Bonita Verde, and at the resort, the front desk will
have an envelope for you that contains the coordinates of her location.”


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