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Christmas Horror

Date Published: November 2, 2023

Publisher: Deadbolt Books


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How well do we really know the people sleeping next to us in bed at

After a tragedy strikes the Barnes family, Sarah’s husband Tom begins
acting strangely. It starts with wild mood-shifts and accusations at their
thirteen-year-old daughter, but quickly escalates to the attempted murder of
an off-season mall Santa. From what Sarah can tell, Tom’s only motive seems
to lie behind a mysterious hatred for Christmas that burns year-round.
What’s worse, Tom’s only defense lies in a long-forgotten book he wrote
detailing a traumatic event in his childhood that seems too far-fetched to
be believed. His entire case revolves around the notion of talking Christmas
trees, a living army of toys, and worst of all, a monster masquerading as
Mrs. Claus.

Now, Sarah must go on a journey into her husband’s past to learn if Tom is
in the midst of a psychotic breakdown, if he’s a danger to his family, or if
he really is being hunted by the malevolent holiday horror that destroyed
his childhood.


About the Author

JON COHN IS A WRITER and professional board game designer based out of San
Diego, California. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter

He would also love to give you free stuff like stories, audiobooks, and
games by signing up for his mailing list at www.joncohnauthor.com.


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