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Date Published: August 8, 2023


A high concept suspense thriller of adventure and betrayal with a
supernatural twist.

After a freak skiing accident puts him in a coma, John Bastian awakens with
memories of a past life as Jack Bachman. Unshakable visions of treasure, a
violent ax attack, and a vibrant red-headed woman consume his thoughts,
propelling him toward a dangerous future that feels as inevitable as his

John embarks on a journey to Louisiana, where all the new memories as Jack
center, to find answers and confront the man who murdered him in his past
life. As danger lurks at every turn, John must fight for survival and
protect those he loves before a hurricane hits.

This page-turner is full of twists and turns that will keep readers on the
edge of their seats until the very end. Experience the thrill of ECHO FROM A
BAYOU and discover the truth about John’s past life in this exciting

“What can I say about this fantastic novel? The pacing is amazing. The
action starts on the first page and only gathers momentum from there.
Bennecke knows exactly where to drip-feed information and where to cut it
off to keep readers hooked without being frustrated. The setup is taut. Who
could resist searching for another life? One that held true love, adventure,
and a fortune in gold? The premise is so intricate and uniquely executed.
It’s the kind of story you can jump on board with immediately.” –
Independent Book Review

About the Author

J. Luke Bennecke is a veteran civil engineer with a well-spent career
helping people by improving Southern California roadways. He has a civil
engineering degree, an MBA, a private pilot’s certificate, and is a
partner in an engineering firm. He enjoys philanthropy and awards
scholarships annually to high school seniors.

In addition to his debut novel, bestseller and award-winning thriller Civil
Terror: Gridlock, Luke has written several other novels and screenplays, a
creative process he thoroughly enjoys. His second Jake Bendel thriller,
Waterborne, was published in 2021 by Black Rose Writing and received several
awards. Echo from a Bayou is his latest suspense thriller with a
supernatural twist, available August 2023. He is currently pitching the
third Jake Bendel thriller and editing his fifth novel.

Luke resides in Southern California with his wife of 32+ years and three
spunky cats. In his leisure time he enjoys traveling, playing golf,
voiceover acting, and spending time with his grown daughters. Bennecke is a
member of International Thriller Writers and looks forward to attending
ThrillerFest every year in New York.

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