Open Heart Surgery | Review

About the book

My name is Brandy Glass, and my boyfriend ruined my life…

Now my best friend Tamika is convinced that I need to create a form for any potential suitors to fill out. It’s the only way to prevent my heart from breaking, and getting hurt again.

But when a handsome doctor scores nearly a perfect compatibility score: ninety-one percent, to be exact…can I convince myself that I’m worthy of love? Or will my past forever haunt me and drive us apart?

In this alternating POV, closed-door romance, readers will laugh, groan, and cry with the characters as Brandy journeys to find true love worth keeping. And maybe, just maybe, that includes the striking doctor—Junpei Shura.

Please read the author’s note inside for details regarding trigger warnings including abuse and sexual assault.


Firsts Impressions

I received this books as an arc, and I have to say it was pretty good really, it did had a few hard themes on it. The plotline was very interesting and fun to read, I think one will be more of a chick lit romance than a rom com but it was very enthralling too.

The author made a great job with this one and I hope for more books on the series.


We had a very cool cast of characters in this one.

Brandy, our protagonist was very strong even with life kicking her so hard and having so many awful experiences with her last boyfriend, I think she was so relatable and an inspiration to others too.

Tamika, her best friend / sister, was so supportive and free she was a real soldier for her friend and helped her so much through all that.

Junpei, we had the perfect gentleman with him, he was so good and just wanted a love that he could cherish and stand side by side.


we do have a few harsh ones like assault, then we have the society expectations on how to be or not, all of them could relate to someone out there and that made the book more down to earth.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the story was good and fun in a lot of parts, totally worth giving a try if you don’t mind a little trauma and harsh talk here and there, this one most probably will catch your eye.

About the author

T. R. is a self-taught author who began her work in 2008 at ten years of age. Always in her own world with her imaginary friends, T. R. strives to turn a blinking cursor and blank page into a humorous world of pure, absolute chaos and mayhem. Join her and her lovable, quirky characters in Crab Cove by following along with her diary-style coming-of-age series—Tomorrow Is Another Day!

You can find more about T. R. Prouty by following her on Instagram @regallywritten or by emailing her at


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