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Book 3 of the Blazing Hearts Wildfire Series

Action Adventure Romance

Date Published: 04-30-2023

Publisher: Avoca Press


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Can an Alaskan firestorm lead to true love under a midnight sun?


Alaskan firefighter Raynie Atwood thinks she know what she
wants—until a walking encyclopedia disguised as a hotshot firefighter
storms into her life. Grieving loss and betrayal by the man she once loved,
Raynie sets her sights on a top command post for wildland fire. But when
when an extended drought, high heat, and beetle-killed forests add up to the
perfect firestorm, Raynie’s leadership is put to the test.

To add fuel to the fire, Cohen Tremblay tests Raynie at every turn as she
works to save sled dogs and Iditarod mushers dog kennels in the deadly
Alaskan conflagration…and to make matters worse, a deadly threat from
Raynie’s past has her fearing for her life.

When Raynie’s world goes up in flames, Cohen may be the only one
Raynie can rely on…
hard to do when she no longer trusts any man, let
alone a bullish co-worker. Instead, she constructs a rock-solid containment
line around her heart. But fire is unpredictable, and so is love. Will their
chance for love be snuffed before it ignites?


Romance, fire, and betrayal…another deadly mix!





Cohen slid his arm around her as if it were the most natural thing in the
world to do and rested his palm on her shoulder. He felt warm and she
inhaled his freshly showered scent. “Raynie?”


“I’m glad you came with me today.”

“Me too.” They’d spent an hour together without
exchanging barbs. He hadn’t pissed her off even once.

He rubbed her shoulder and she slowly leaned into him. It had been a long
while since she’d touched another person like this. She’d missed
that sense of protection and comfort.

“I’d like to spend more time with you outside of work,”
he said. “I feel good when I’m with you. Even when we

“That’s just twisted.” She smirked, but her breath caught
when she turned to see the way he looked at her. It was as if she had an out
of body experience and was watching someone else doing this.

Cohen’s heat sent an ache down low to her core. Raynie had a decision
to make, and it better be fast. She made it. God help her, she made it and
turned to him. “Will you kiss me?”

“What? Did I hear you right?” His tone was sexy and pulled her
in even more.

“Sorry, I—I didn’t mean to—it’s
inappropriate, we work together. But if you don’t want

He took the rest of her words into his mouth as he settled his lips on
hers—a tender kiss, so soft it felt like an angel was kissing her. He
pulled back slightly and spoke against her lips. “I’ve wanted to
do this since I set eyes on you at the Hiland Mountain Fire.”

Her mind blanked and her face scrunched with such utter disbelief at his
saying this, that her reflexive action was to put her hand on his chest and
push him away. But she couldn’t. An unstoppable force kept her hand on
his shoulder. She’d been fighting an attraction to Cohen from the
get-go—when he wasn’t pissing her off, or they weren’t
arguing over firefighting strategy.

He opened his mouth to say something, and Raynie put a finger to his lips.
“Please. Don’t ruin this. Just kiss me again.”


About the Author

LoLo Paige is an award-winning author and former wildland firefighter,
whose debut novel, Alaska Spark, has received several awards for best indie
romance, and her second book, Alaska Inferno is a finalist for best indie
romance in the 2022 Kindle Book Review Awards.

Alaska Spark and Alaska Inferno have ranked No.1 on the Amazon Bestseller
Lists for action adventure and romantic suspense in the U.S., Canada, and
Australia. The true story about LoLo’s fire crew escaping a runaway
wildfire won an Alaska Press Club award and inspired her debut novel, Alaska

In addition to her action-adventure firefighter series, LoLo also writes
romantic suspense thrillers and romantic comedies. Other books under her
romance umbrella are, Jealousy, A Sisters of Sin femme fatale romance
thriller, Hello Spain, Goodbye Heart, and Irish Thunder, two romantic
comedies The Wild Rose Press will release in 2023.


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