Wellness book – Gut and women

Trying to understand better my problems with food and all the info my gastroenterologist was putting there for me, I found this book that helps to understand better a few things when we women suffer certain things. If you suffer from anything related to your gut, this book certainly can help a little and offer guidance on how to get better if it´s nothing too mayor.

* Digestive problems
* Bloating
* Diarrhea
* Constipation
* Pain

Do you identify with these symptoms? Does your digestive system feel like your enemy? Is your unpredictable gut a source of embarrassment, shame or fear?

If you’re a woman who’s answered ‘yes‘ to any of the above, you’re not alone. Two-thirds of people with gut issues, including IBS, are female. And your needs are very specific.

YOU NEED: Clear, accessible information about and insight into what female hormones can do to gut health
YOU NEED: Expert guidance from a consultant gastroenterologist and a dietician and clinical nutritionist
YOU NEED: Stepped, manageable strategies to take control of your troublesome gut
YOU NEED: A diet plan that focuses on your specific requirements, which is flexible, achievable and sustainable
YOU NEED: Easy-to-follow recipes that are gut-friendly, delicious and restore your digestive health



This one is very useful more if you’re suffering from IBS this one will be super helpful really.

I did take a few pointers on how to get help with my condition very broadly, I suffer from a hiatal hernia so it does help to know how not to irritate the stomach or the bowels so everything can be a little smoother.

So I will advise it to understand better and know what to ask of your doctor when you have symptoms in your digestive system.


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