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Trying to regain a little of my spirituality back, I got to the wiccan wheel of the year, trying to get a little more in touch with my inner power and in tune with the earth, I did discover a few beautiful books if you´re beginning in this path.

From the Modern Witchcraft series comes a complete guide to all of the sacred days and holidays of the Wiccan calendar—with spells, rituals, and other tips to celebrate.

In The Modern Witchcraft Guide to the Wheel of the Year , you’ll learn about the most celebrated days in the Wheel of the Year—Samhain, the end of the harvest season; Yule, the celebration of the New Year; Imbolc, the celebration of rebirth; Ostara, the arrival of Spring; Beltane, the celebration of Earth’s fertility; Litha, the song of the summer; Lughnasad, the halfway point between Summer and Autumn; and Mabon, the festival of home and harvest.

For each of these special days, there will be information about the history and its meaning, and the ways you can fully celebrate. Each chapter describes the celestial events associated with the sabbat, astrological influences during that time, meditation rituals, and charms to perform. It also includes a practical craft, such as candle making, that you can create to celebrate each day.

The Modern Witchcraft Guide to the Wheel of the Year is your complete guide to everything you need to know to celebrate the Wheel of the Year and the Wiccan sabbats, from Yule to Samhain, as part of your own spiritual practice.


This one i can recommended as a beginner guide to the wheel of the year, or if you’re looking for inspiration if you haven’t practiced in a while for any reason.

It does have some helpful rituals and guidance on how you can decorate and celebrate the sabbaths so if you’re looking for a first guidance book totally worth it.

The Celts saw time as a great wheel that was continually turning. The sun and the moon served as their calendar, dividing time’s circle and marking the changing seasons as they circled around. Each day, each season, each moon was sacred in its own way. The Celts celebrated each turning of wheel of time with feasting and fire, ritual and prayer. Through these celebrations, the Celts experienced their harmony with a larger, deeper world. Fertility, birth, growth, and death were repeating patterns that waxed and waned—and prayer and ritual allowed the Celts to weave these patterns into their consciousness, finding hope and comfort in their repetition.

This book gives modern readers their own prayers and seasonal rituals to celebrate the turning year. The prayers included are both ancient and modern, both Pagan and Christian, for Celtic spirituality serves as a flexible bridge that can connect faith traditions, as well as past and present.

May the turning wheel of the year help you to find a sense of rest and peace,
even amid the chaos and catastrophe of our modern world.


I liked this one a lot, the way you have different prayers so you can actually include more people from other religions too it’s awesome, and very cool really, I like to think of myself as Anglican Wicca and this book is perfect to celebrate with both traditions without me feeling I have to leave one of them behind.

And the prayers are absolutely beautiful and full of meaning, recommended for anyone who likes spirituality in any levels.

Rediscover nature’s cycles through the Wheel of the Year: a celebration of eight key moments within the turning seasons – from solstices to equinoxes and those midpoints in-between.

The Wheel of the Year allows its celebrants a moment to pause and still the chaos of modern life every six weeks, to observe what is happening in nature and to reflect on the turn of their own lives.

This nurturing new guide is an exploration and celebration of the Wheel of the Year – from Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain to the Spring Equinox, Midsummer, Autumn Equinox and Yule. Our expert guide, Rebecca Beattie, traces the cycles of nature and the rhythms of the seasons, exploring enchanting traditions and folklore for each celebrated moment.

This book is alive with what is happening in the nature and in ourselves, offering tools and rituals to rediscover and appreciate each seasonal festival, to pause and reflect. It will connect you to the wheel of your own life, allowing its readers to explore and chart the turning of their own seasons alongside the cycles of the natural world.


this book was wonderful, it has so many relatable experiences from the author and how this path come to hee and how she is following it.

i love that it has a lot to teach, it gives you a little history on the Sabbaths and ways to celebrate each one, it gives you guide on what you can reflect or meditate on and awesome ways to make your own oils and other crafts for each season.

Totally recommended if you’re initiating in a more natural way of living life or want to find yourself in this maddening world.

Celebrate the ancient and powerful magic held within the Wheel of the Year with this clear and well-ordered guide. This book is much more than a guidebook; it offers everything needed to mark the changing of the seasons in a meaningful and fulfilling way. Within these pages are suggestions for activities, spells, guided meditations and lists of correspondences for each of the eight Sacred Festivals. Learn something of the role of the Goddess and her Consort and gain an understanding of the important role the Festivals played for our ancestors. Also included are guidance on Casting a Circle and collecting and cleansing the basic tools used for Craft work. Although aimed at those new to the Craft it will give the more knowledgeable tried and tested ways to celebrate these ancient and beloved Festivals.


This one has anything you will want to as a beginner practitioner, it has spells, candle magic, meditations and a lot of info on the sabbaths, so if you’re beginning in this spiritual path, I would recommend this one as a very good guide for anyone that wants to know more.

It gives you a number of activities you can do in every celebration, so you can have lots of options for all the year round.

I don´t have the luxury sadly of doing my own altar at home, but I do with what I can, if you´re able to do this part of the symbology and practice this book it´s very good at that.

Everything You Need to Know About Wicca, from Best-Selling Wicca Author Lisa Chamberlain
It is estimated that there are over one-million practicing Wiccans around the world today. But what is it that has made these people turn their back on the formal, structured religions that encompass the majority of the Western world?

In our modern, high-pressured world, many of us fail to take notice the sheer beauty of the natural world surrounding us. In many ways, this is a travesty: the world we live in today seems so completely distant from the one our ancestors lived in, a world where humans and nature were at one, their existence intertwined in the natural cycles of life.

Wicca is a new way of life, a religion that takes you back to a more simple time, before the invention of the high-tech gadgetry we see all around us. You will learn to live and appreciate the natural world that surrounds you, celebrating the intricate changes in the seasons and everything they bring — from the bounties of the Summer harvest, to the cold and darkness of the Winter months, as Mother Nature rests in preparation for the next explosive cycle of life that Spring brings.


This one it’s exactly as the title suggest a guide if you’re wanting to do an altar in your house and what tools are going to be needing in spells and other rituals, it’s perfect for beginners to introduce themselves into this specific part of the Wiccan religion.

Cards is something I have liked a lot since coming across them, the tarot and it´s iconography it´s absolutely interesting and helpful, if you are curious about this tool definitely need to check these books out.

Turn Your Deck into a Trusty Toolkit with Daily Activities and Intuitive Wisdom

The Card of the Day is the most common practice suggested to new tarot readers. Yet, even with a clear theoretical understanding of a card, beginners like you sometimes struggle to nail down how they can apply it to their personal life. Serving as both a companion and reference, this handy guide offers a variety of tools to help you build familiarity with all seventy-eight cards and make the most of their messages.

Your Tarot Toolkit presents fast and effective ways to work with your daily draw. Each card has its own entry that includes inspiring affirmations, reflection questions, and activities to accompany its message. These activities help hammer home the core energy of the associated card, and they can be as simple or in-depth as you choose. Ru-Lee Story makes it easy to begin a daily tarot practice and raise your confidence one card at a time.


This one was very nice, if you’re trying to be more insightful with your tarot, this book it’s amazing for that.

If you’re of the practice of taking a card for the day so you can get insight in your day, this has affirmations, reflections and thing you can do in your day depending on the card you got that day.

You will encounter major and minor arcana in this one so it’s super complete, totally recommended if you’re striving towards a little more spiritual or order in your practice.

Combine the Cards, Tell their Full Story & Get the Answers You Need

Drawing on more than fifty years of tarot experience, Josephine Ellershaw teaches you how to link the cards together to produce a cohesive reading. She takes you through the deck, sharing keywords, visual prompts, applied meanings, and featured combinations from her personal tarot toolbox, gleaned from real readings. Ellershaw also shares predictive reading techniques to help you find connections interwoven through your cards.

In tarot, everything means something, even if it’s not immediately apparent. Easy Tarot Combinations adds depth and dimension to your readings by showing you how the cards relate to and reinforce one another. Ellershaw makes it easy to understand various connections, from similar and opposing cards to multiple numbers and badly aspected cards, to seamlessly blend the results of your reading. This book demonstrates that combinations aren’t just lists you need to memorize–they are extensions of yourself and the personal language you share with your cards.


I found this one very enlightening, for beginners this is perfect to begin to come to intuition and how to flow with the energy through the tarot.

It has a lot of possible combinations and association that could happen in a reading so it’s a good manual to get in tune with the meanings of the cards.

Totally recommended if you’re initiating or coming back to your cards.


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