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Techno Thriller

Date Published: 02-10-2023

Publisher: Open Books


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Three people doing their jobs and making decisions that may lead to a
conflict between the world’s powers.  After all, the US must
respond to an attack on its flagship project to build home-grown
‘fabs’, especially as it is linked to the reputation of the
President. And People’s Republic cannot possibly ignore unprovoked
aggression on its sovereignty…

Jane Sullivan’s appointment as the National Security Adviser is the
pinnacle of her career.  She knows that access to ‘silicon
chips’ is a strategic imperative of vital interests to the nation and
decides to do whatever she can to ensure a fully domestic Semiconductor
Supply Chain…

Argon Zhi has built a good career with the local semiconductor
industry.  He has become a successful man and is a member of an elite
club of professionals who work behind the scenes to make their island one of
the Asia’s ‘Tiger Economies’.  When a friend asks, he
agrees to craft a plan for ensuring the continued competitiveness of the
island’s technology companies. It is the ‘right thing to

Cedric Dyson is a tinkerer and does not care about politics. Instead, he
loses himself in his job as a Failure Analyses (FA) engineer who figures out
why some chips do not work the way they are supposed to.  Then he
notices a pattern.  Like a crime detective on a murder case, he follows
the clues, trusts his intuition, and uncovers a shocking truth…

Everything comes to a head with a murder of a foreign citizen on US

About the Author

Riko Radojcic was born in poor post-war Yugoslavia but enjoyed a very happy
and secure early childhood there. When he was twelve his father took a job
with the UN World Health Organization and Riko spent his teen years in East
Pakistan (now Bangladesh), Nigeria, Kenya and Tanzania, observing the demise
of the colonial Raj as well as some harsh Third World realities. He
completed high school in Swiss private schools — a polar opposite of the
Third World — which gave him a peek into the lives of the one-percenters.
He then moved to Manchester, UK, where he witnessed the bleak circumstances
of the working class in the heart of industrial England.

After working in the UK for several years, Riko immigrated to the US,
settling in San Diego. There he enjoyed a rewarding and a very stimulating
career in the semiconductor industry, working in a variety of technical,
managerial and business development roles. His professional life exposed him
not only to the amazing wonders of silicon chip technology, but also gave
him an opportunity to travel internationally and to interact with smart and
talented people from very diverse backgrounds. After 35 plus years in the
world of high tech and engineering management, Riko is now devoting his full
energies to writing as he tries to bring to life the magic of technology,
the realities of the high-tech industry, and some of his diverse life
experiences through storytelling.


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