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Rating: 5 out of 5.

I liked that it has lots of true-life stories of how to do the changes in lifestyle. i have done a few of those myself already and it helps a lot.

Now it does give advice on how not to get overwhelmed with too much compromises, that’s important since sometimes I tend to try to over reach a lot and end up exhausted.

This is a pretty good manual on how to live healthy without going overboard.

About the book

Dr Emma Short offers a fresh perspective with a simple evidence-based guide to leading a healthier, happier and calmer life. It has a holistic approach to wellbeing, exploring areas as diverse as exercise, nutrition, the impact of the digital and natural environment, sleep, mindset and not taking on too much.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

This one is pretty useful for meditating with a theme or with visualizations too, I would recommend maybe a little more explanation on how to meditate for beginners, however for more intermediate meditators this book would be a great tool.

You have one per day and it will give you awareness about your mind and your body, they’re really beautiful, totally recommended to anyone who likes to meditate or is wanting to begin.

About the book

Stop chasing sleep and start welcoming rest with these 365 peaceful, nighttime meditations to help you fall back to sleep with ease.

Many familiar tales and legends have tended toward the belief that the moon has an impact on us both physically and metaphysically. Legends aside, we learn in school that the moon has control over the ocean’s tides, as well as many other elements and creatures on earth—so why would humans be exempt? The moon is more than its beautiful exterior. As a spiritual entity, it is known to have control over your emotions, mental health, and sleeping habits. With that in mind, Moon Meditations opens the opportunity for you to explore your spiritual connection with Luna.

Illustrated with unique and stunning artwork, this book allows you to experience the moon’s full power through nightly meditations and affirmations, proven to help you embrace the rest, relaxation, and restorative sleep every night has to offer. These affirmations can be used daily to promote the power of self-worth and inspire self love, making this the perfect resource to help you tune out any distraction that hinders your rest and tap into the tranquility of the night.

Easily implement calm, gratitude, and meditation into your daily habits with the Daily Gratitude series. These inspiring books guide you through the process of building mindful habits for your preferred schedule or personal goals. They are beautifully designed and elegantly put together to make your journey enjoyable as well as simple.

Also available from the series: Sunrise Gratitude and Moonlight Gratitude.


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