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Science Fiction/Fantasy

Date Published: 09-20-2022

Publisher: Aurelia Leo


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Humans have always feared Caen’s kind.

Survivors of a mysterious virus, Ruĝa Morto, that killed 80% of
Earth’s population two centuries ago, they have endured enslavement as
Neurologically Compromised Individuals, or NiCIes, owned by OnyxCorp. Now,
in 2261, Caen begins a perilous journey to seek the Vagabonders, the
original moon colonists, whom many believe hold the key to freeing his

He knows he is hunted. He expects death at every turn.

But he doesn’t anticipate meeting Dr. Ligeia Obumbwe, a human
biogeneticist desperate to protect her brother Finn, yet another victim of
the endemic virus. When OnyxCorp promises to keep Finn safe in exchange for
her work in their lunar lab, she accepts despite her increasing unease
regarding the Corporation’s motives.

Ligeia and Caen become unlikely partners in a dangerous quest to reach the
Vine, the space elevator that is the first step in their journey to the

What they find along the way could help them bring OnyxCorp to its
knees…or destroy everything they love.

About the Author

R. T. Coleman grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she nurtured a
passion for reading and writing while nestled among blankets and pillows in
her bedroom closet. Her love of science fiction was born when she saw Star
Wars in the theater in 1977. Imagine her disappointment when she realized
she could never actually be Princess Leia.

She lives in Springfield, Arkansas, with her partner Joe on their 25-acre
farm, where she works as an instructional designer by day and a writer and
editor by night. Vagabonder is her debut novel.


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