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Political Thriller

Date Published: June 17, 2022

Publisher: Mindstir Media

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“Over my dead body would I ever leave him and return to the
agency.” Norma remembers those words that now prove to be untrue as she
rejoins Atropos-a covert government organization-after so many bloodless
years. She has just carried out her first mission back, suspiciously without
her team. Something tells her things are not what they seem and betrayal is

It turns out a devastating weapon created by the agency may soon be
decommissioned, and things need to change. Norma is beginning to speculate
that it isn’t her skill set that the agency wants, Instead, accepting her
back was their way of gaining access to a more lethal successor.

Is her gut feeling right? Will the agency soon turn on her? Norma must
escape the clandestine smoky mirrors of Washington DC and see clearly before
it’s too late.



“‘The Atropos Maker’ is a fast-paced and expertly plotted
two-fisted political thriller focusing on corrupt international and domestic
organizations, secret weapons, and conspiracies,” wrote IndieReader in
their 4.8-star review.

“Stylishly written,” wrote Joe Kilgore – The US Review of Books.
“This is an engaging read that pushes the envelope of the thriller
genre. Author Lujan has chosen to steep her tale in an intensely
introspective tone. Burrowing deeply within the psyche and soul of her
protagonist, she paints a harrowing picture of how one individual musters up
the fortitude to go from victim to survivor to ruler of her own
fate—but not without the toll the harshest of life’s injuries
often inflict.


“The suspense in the book is irresistible,” wrote Pacific Book
Review in their Starred Review. “The author knows how to entice
readers by introducing subplots which increase one’s focus to finish
the book . . . ‘The Atropos Maker’ is a great read for those who
fancy thrillers, drama, conspiracy stories, military fiction and a great


Other Books in the Series



 The Atropos Maker II: A New Order

Atropos, an American black-ops agency, is on the hunt for a missing boy named Charlie. He has been kidnapped, disappearing deep into a child trafficking ring. Norma, the director of Atropos, quickly learns that someone they know is tied to the terrorist that are in the center of this ghastly ring of missing, innocent children. So begins the hunt as Norma takes the lead of Atropos once again to trot the globe, from Iraqi Kurdistan to the mean streets of urban America to search harrowing tunnels and bunkers in order to find Charlie before it’s too late? In the end, who will pay the ultimate price in order to complete their mission, and will the cost be too much?



The Atropos Maker III: The Awakening


“Since I am an actress, I absolutely love to find books that I can see
visually in my mind… Step on this ride with me… The Atropos team is
exciting and fun and you are sure to enjoy the journey as much as I

– Mariel Hemingway, Oscar-nominated actress and author, and granddaughter
of Nobel Prize-winning novelist Ernest Hemingway

What is more terrifying than a covert mission to North Korea? Try raising a
12-year-old girl.

Elina struggles with the countless rules in her life, especially when they
keep her from a mysterious new boy who arrives at her school.

What is Alexander Veurr to do?

As the leader of Atropos-one of the government’s most elite tactical
teams-Alexander assigns retired agent Xavier to guard his budding daughter.
With Xavier’s skills and agency resources, what could possibly go

A lot, it turns out. Elina goes missing and Alexander is exiled from the
agency. Two things become clear.

One- Someone in the agency is as crooked as a dog’s hind legs.

Two- Elina may be someone’s unwitting secret weapon.

The fate of Atropos is in the hands of a father and daughter in this epic
novel of parental fear and adolescent wonderment.


About the Author

N. J. Lujan was born in Washington, DC then raised in a small town of West
Virginia. Her first experience with journalism and writing complex,
thrilling stories was as a teenager when she was the R.O.T.C. (Reserved
Officers’ Training Corps) public affairs officer for her high school.
It was then she discovered her love for writing. After graduation she
entered the Army then later went on to enjoy a successful corporate career
while still fueling a passion for creating complex fictional stories. Today
she continues to use parts of her backdrop to vividly take you on a journey
that will leave you wanting for more.

N. J. Lujan, a accomplished ghostwriter, now lives in North Carolina and
splits her time between writing, work, family, and three very spirited pups.
To learn more, visit


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