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Mystery, Thriller

Published Date: August, 2022


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It was the Roaring Twenties, the Jazz Age, the era of Model T Fords,
bootleggers and G-men. Spiritualism was all the rage. Everyone wanted to
talk to the dead. Except Dr. Alex Gabriel, who thought talking to the dead
was ridiculous. Until he met Savannah Bishop, the country’s most unique
medium. Using Savannah’s contacts with the World Beyond, Dr. Gabriel and
Miss Bishop set out to solve a series of brutal murders that range from the
glitz of Hollywood to the backwoods of Arkansas and eventually to the
bohemian Left Bank of Paris and finally to pre-Nazi Berlin.

About the Author

Jim Lester holds a PhD in history an dis the author of the historical
novel, The Blind Boxer and a successful mystery novel called Deadline: New
York about the early years of the paperback book industry. He is also the
author of four young adult novels and a non-fiction book entitled Hoop
Crazy: College Basketball in the 1950s.


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