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We’re so excited to share with you this new suspenseful military romance release from author, Layla Lochran! PAINTING HER FATE is now available in eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook format, grab your copy today on Amazon!

About the Book

Painting Her Fate
by Layla Lochran
Tell All Secrets #1

Release date: September 19, 2022

Liliana: I’m a lass from London setting my life on track. My past left me trapped inside my mind, screaming. Can you hear it? I thought I’d be this way the rest of my days, then I found my passion.
To make the world a better place.
This artist is ready for new adventures only just as things are set in play, they spiral out of control and the one person who means the most may not survive. As my world careens, strong arms envelop me the same time sweet whispers lend their comfort. Only now monsters lurk within the shadows waiting to strike. Will I come out unscathed?

Alexander: Coming home from a war I could not win left me wounded, weak, and misplaced in my small town. This Marine is a far cry from who he once was. I have accepted my fate and thought I could move on.
If only it was that easy.
Now two years home, I know this isn’t the man I’m meant to be. War changes a person and this one is on the brink of losing it all. Until one cry for help. A fiery vixen with a mean reflex. She’s perfect, too pure for me. Lili deserves much better than this broken shell I have become. Only once I have her, I can’t let go.

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Paperback: Amazon
Audiobook (Narrated by Joe Arden and Stella Hunter): Audible

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About the Author

Layla Lochran is an international bestselling author best known for her Tell All Secrets suspenseful romance series and the Ambrota Defenders paranormal romance series.

Layla resides nestled in the woodlands of Western New York with her son and adopted pet, Kit Kat. School life is her passion, writing romance gives her satisfaction. She enjoys her family, musical instruments, festivals, and takes pride in being a volunteer LGBTQ+ youth counselor and advocator of Love is Love.

Where you can find Layla Lochran…
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Tour-Wide Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Painting Her Fate, Layla is giving away one $20 Amazon Gift Card to one reader during this blog tour! To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter form found in this post. Follow along with the Blog Tour for more chances to win daily. Good luck!

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Top 5 reasons to love Alexander from Painting Her Fate

1: Alexander is strong-willed.

He can take on anything thrown his way, even if said thing is a feisty lass from across the pond.
The Marines instilled a mindset within him to keep going, no matter what. Protect and serve
your country until your last dying breath. No matter how stormy the seas, Zander will see to it

everyone is happy at the end of the day.

2: He is a lover of dogs.

One dog in particular, his dog Hank is a quirky copper colored Pitbull who keeps his owner on
his toes, will play fetch all day every day, and loves to dig in grandma’s flower beds. She loves it

when he does that. Zander adores his pup and all his growly howls.

3: He has scars and pain, but he doesn’t allow others to see his struggle.
Alexander has it in his mind to keep closed off, mask himself and his emotions from others for
the sake of not wanting to hurt them. Then Lili makes her way into his life and begins breaking

down said proverbial walls.

4: He is kind.

Growing up in a community where everyone lends a hand to one another has Alexander willing
it to continue and will do anything for anyone. He and his mom volunteered at the local food
bank and recreation center growing up, and he gives back to the cancer research center.

5: He loves writing poetry and song lyrics.

Growing up, Alexander loved learning about ancient history and found a passion for text.
Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey, Shakespeare’s Midsummer’s Night Dream, and others
have shaped a way for him to express his emotions and not be so closed off from the world.
This is his way of allowing Lili to view the man behind the mask. He also wrote songs for his

friends band, Sly Van.

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  1. CrystalLynne_PA

    Love this list! <3 Thank you for sharing, Joss. We hope that your readers enjoyed this peek into the hero of PAINTING HER FATE – Available Now! Happy Reading 🙂


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