Any Way You Bury It | Review


Rating: 4 out of 5.


First Impressions

I listen to this one, after the first and even when the storyline it’s pretty along already you don’t feel that you’re missing anything really, and that’s nice, the author it’s pretty good on painting the full picture on it so you can enjoy it even if you skipped a few books along the way.

Cookie comes in string as ever with all the weird things happening on this little island, sound like a fun place to like if you’re into mysteries and killers for some reason.


We have the same fun characters as before with Scarlet coming along and Rain being as feisty as ever really, she is a cool one for me, she will make most of the book what it is really.

Hunter and Dylan still hot on Cookie’s trail and our heroine having to try and decide which path she want to take and be on her guard with all intrigues happening.

Final Thoughts

As usual loving this cozy mysteries, they have fun romance, lots of weird situations and the compelling side of who did it this time.

A total must if you like mysteries but don’t want something super heavy to read.

About the book

Cookie James thought she was going to make things right with the island’s hottest handyman when she approached Dylan Creed at his favorite fishing hole. But her attempt at a peace offering doesn’t go so well when it leads to the discovery of a dead body. Even worse, it requires a phone call to the reason Dylan is so aloof with Cookie–FBI agent Hunter O’Neil.

When Hunter arrives, he’s quick to enlist Cookie’s help as he takes the helm of another murder mystery on Secret Seal Isle. And soon enough, sparks fly, making it clear the case isn’t the only thing Hunter’s interested in. But when Cookie’s meddling mother and her concerned best friend interrupt Hunter’s plans for an evening tryst, Cookie turns to the one thing she does best–solving the crime.


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