The Veiled Flame | Review


Rating: 1 out of 5.


This one got my attention with the cover and it did deliver on it.

I felt that I was reading something taken out of bloodborne or dark souls, it had that vibe and it was so gripping really.

The characters were enjoyable and interesting, they had so many problems I felt bad for them, they did have a little respite but wao.

With the ending as it was I do think there’s going to be more to this really, I think it will be nice to keep it up and see where it will take us.

The world building was the best part of this one really, it was so amazing how you can actually almost see what was going on truly captivating.

I do have a lot of questions after everything but I will hope for them to be answered in a later book hopefully.

About the book

The bleeding moon tainted the people of Angora, bringing upon dreaded nights of demons and death. Death itself desires the chaos swirling within Hart, one of the last legendary pyromancers. Moments before Hart succumbs to his death, a mysterious guardian demon appears, sparing him from his grim fate, for now, before swiftly fading away.

In the eyes of the people, Hart is a dangerous demon, swathed in black flame. In the eyes of Erika, a seasoned demon slayer, Hart is one of the few people worthy of her protection. Though Hart pushes her away, attempting to spare her from the malevolent forces looming around him, Erika’s will is her own, and she is determined to aid Hart. At least, Erika thinks her will is her own. Destiny has grand plans for Erika, making Hart’s dark destiny shine brightly compared to hers. 


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