Throw Me to the Wolves | Review


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Firsts Impressions

This one I did received it to give my honest review.

Now since it was a dark fantasy I was in, and it did live up to the hype at least for me. I’m in love with werewolves and witches since i have memory and this one had an element that I like more recently, Louisiana’s magic scene, every time you say Bayou I pay more attention for any reason, it’s just so enthralling.

So this book had everything I liked and did it deliver fine, at the beginning could be if you’re not good with time going back and forth, but that did a lot for me to understand the motivations of a lot of characters too.


Alec wasn’t a primary character but he did leave and impression omg, i was in a love/hate relationship with him since he appeared, I do think he is just rough around the edges.

Britta did a little of development since she was our protagonist, and yes she did need a lot of growth and still has room for more, poor soul has suffered so much really and keep getting the world worst hopefully it will come along for her so let’s see.

Mam Byrdie was a surprise but loved her even when she had so little time in the story, but I do think she had a very good significance to the story later on.

Final Thoughts

By the end i just didn’t want the story to end, I was captivated, and that twist at the end leaved me like and then? I can’t wait for the next book.

I wanted to know what Deveraux was in this mess too.

About the book

Some evil wants to live forever.

Ten years ago a witch sacrificed Britta Orchid’s family and turned her into a werewolf. Selena Stone’s spell failed, and she was never seen again. Until now.

Officer Aaron Labaye has discovered Selena’s remains in the house where Britta’s family died, and dragged Britta back to Louisiana to aid the investigation, hoping her past will break the case. Britta has a hard time resisting the handsome rookie, especially when he shows her a new drawing by her murdered little brother: Britta in her wolf-form.

As an unseen hand sets events in motion, Britta has to help Labaye dig into the murders old and new. The bloodthirsty ghost of her brother, a jealous member from her pack, and a former friend with a serious prejudice against wolves all stand to stop Britta as she fights to finally get the truth about that night ten years ago. But, as she looks harder than ever into her own dark past, Britta will confront more than just her own demons as she fights for peace for herself and for her family. She can’t hide anymore, but must find her place in a world she’s avoided—and discover what it truly means to be a wolf.


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