Freedom at Work

About the book

Discover the leadership strategy for unlocking your team’s greatness.

Whether it shows up as stress, top-down leadership styles, drama, or uncertainty, fear kills good decision-making, dampens morale, lowers employee engagement, and hurts bottom-line growth.

The good news is that there’s an antidote: Freedom at Work.

In this groundbreaking book, Traci Fenton brings together decades of original research, based on her team’s work with hundreds of top companies around the world, such as The WD-40 Company, Mindvalley, DaVita, Menlo Innovations, Zappos, Widen, HCL Technologies, and more, revealing the proven pathway to leadership success.

This powerful leadership strategy will benefit any leader at any level in any type of organization, from entrepreneurs to mid-level managers to the C-suite.

Freedom at Work is based on three key pillars:

• Freedom-Centered Mindset: Break through limitations, make better decisions, and act with clarity and confidence
• Freedom-Centered Leadership: Lead yourself and others from a place of freedom rather than fear
• Freedom-Centered Design: Develop a world-class culture based on the 10 Principles of Organizational Democracy

Freedom at Work is a revolutionary guide that will help make any organization high-performing and highly profitable, while creating a culture people love. This book will help passionate leaders weave freedom and democracy into our global tapestry through the way they run their teams and organizations—ultimately transforming our world for the better.


“Ideals like freedom, self-determination, and democracy are too often shelved when we show up to work, where for some reason we too willingly accept a culture of surveillance and even fear. In this powerful and engaging book, Traci Fenton lays out how we can actually bring the ideals of democracy to our workplaces—and why everyone from CEOs to workers to communities stand to benefit.”
—Daniel H. Pink, #1 New York Times bestselling author of When, Drive, and To Sell Is Human

“The brilliant Traci Fenton taps into a concept that is missing today—not only in workplaces, but often in our daily lives: freedom. Embracing freedom in the workplace won’t just benefit your organization at every level, it will promote an important precedent that lets all individuals shine.”
—Jamie Naughton Henriod, Former Chief of Staff, Zappos

“Freedom-Centered Leadership shouldn’t be a novel concept, but it’s unfortunately far from the norm. This book is a step toward changing that, one organization at a time, and it couldn’t have come at a more crucial moment in our history. This book is as timely and practical as it is conceptually profound.”
—Kent Thiry, former CEO and chairman of DaVita

“If you’re not leading with freedom, you’re leading with fear. That’s the most striking message in Freedom at Work. We believe in the principles of Freedom at Work. Putting them into practice has helped us maintain our employee engagement of 93% and both grow our revenue and deliver value to our stakeholders.”
—Garry Ridge, CEO and chairman of WD-40 Company and coauthor of Helping
People Win at Work


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