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A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel

Midlife Supernaturals #2


Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Date Published: June 21, 2022

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The Supernatural Council of the Pacific Northwest didn’t thoroughly think
through the consequences when we decided to come out of the supernatural
closet. Heaven is pissed. Hell is not respecting our treaty. The mundanes
and fanatical religious groups our protesting our existence. Let’s not
mention, the weirdos who want to bag a monster boyfriend/girlfriend.

Add insult to serious injury. Supes are going missing. Powerful supes. I’m
not sure if it’s Heaven, Hell, the protestors, or fanatics wanting their
personal non-fictional monster in their closet.

The cops are breathing down my neck because they think I have something to
do with it all.

Oh, and the Baba Yaga isn’t a myth. It’s a powerful coven and they want me
to join them.

Did I mention my full-blood fae siblings are counting the hours until my
second puberty is complete so they can kill me and daddy Oberon says I have
to make my own faerie to stop them?

Who has time for that?

If you like K.F. Breene, Shannon Mayer, and Darynda Jones, and books with
badass women over 40, you’ll love Midlife Supernaturals!

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About the Author

T.J. Deschamps grew up in the Pennsylvania mountains, daydreaming about
monsters and eating a healthy dose of fantasy and science fiction daily. She
now lives in the Pacific Northwest, raising three teenagers and pet mom to
three cats and a tortoise named lily. T.J. likes to write fantastical books
with diverse characters and subversive themes. She might be part dragon, and
hopes to bind herself to an eldritch creature to do her bidding.


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