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Rating: 5 out of 5.


When will humanity grow and help itself, it was very interesting the way the plot moved, from we don’t know what’s going on to we have the solution and ourselves giving in to commodity again because we are like in this modern ages.

This one illustrate very well the fall of humanity in a way, I have always believed we will be the very masterminds of our demise really trying to get more comfortable everyday.

About the book

The latest graphic novel by renowned author James Patterson leaps off the page and goes straight for the jugular! Animals the world over are setting their sights on fresh prey – man. Only biologist Jackson Oz has recognized the patterns in an escalating chain of violent attacks by animals against mankind, and these incidents are just the prelude to something far, far more terrifying. Now Oz is in a race against nature to try to warn humanity about the coming catastrophe, but is it already too late?!


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