Divine Terror | Review


Rating: 5 out of 5.


Well we come back with Damon and Saynt to unravel the mysteries of the universe in a way, since seems there are humans doing weird things that shouldn’t be happening and trying to do sense of their new lives and enjoying or not so much the changes.

We have a very wao improbable protagonist because all family business here get me going a little nuts and giving me a lot of fun so it was very good to come back to this really.

At the end they do discover the problem and do something about it and all hell and heaven breaks loose for them and they do get a little reward for that.

Divine Terror

About the book

Damon and Saynt are back on Earth again, this time for another tough assignment. Who is the new human, terrorizing angels and demons alike?

They are calling the human a ‘divine terror’. Now that Damon and Saynt are working for different and opposite realms, can they still work together? Or will their new roles cause strife in their friendship? 


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