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Rating: 4 out of 5.


So coming round to Kai and Archer from the little we saw on books 1 and 2, they did click and were curious about each other since the beginning so adorable.

I felt so strongly for Kai with all the drama with Noah and the problems they did have, and he was very strong going for keeping that friendship afterwards and helping on the weeding and all.

On this one we see more of Tim, Skeeter and Rob since they’re introduced very briefly on the second one but they are so amazing Tim is my hero really he is absolute best boy.

In this one we has as may twists as the other two and damn those were vicious twists I mean from betrayal form family and people that you thought will be on your side and then just have that coming up was harsh specially with Archer poor boy, I will give him that in a way he had the strongest soul I have seen in a while.

Totally absorbed on this stories and hoping the next book comes very fast because I need to know more like yesterday and hopefully there’s more about the other characters too.

About the book – Book 3


The year began great for me.

Became the starting quarterback for an NFL team – check.
Secured a multi-million-dollar contract – check.
Moved to LA and lived the glamorous life – check.

What could possibly cause me any issues?
Oh yeah, one more thing. I’m gay.

I was outed a couple of years ago to my former team and my family, but it hasn’t been made public knowledge yet. Well, that is, until now. I’ll be known as the first LGBTQ+ active player in the league’s history. And if I stick to the conditions of my contract, it won’t be a problem. The thing is, I’m not really a guy known for playing by the rules.

Most people think of my personality as the three B’s: bold, brash, and blunt. My mouth has gotten me into more predicaments than I can count. Even my best friends have told me I’m stubborn as a mule and have the delicacy of a bull in a china shop. This presents a big problem for me because I have my eyes set on winning over the guy who stole my heart years ago, only he doesn’t know it yet.

Getting his attention is going to be challenging. It’s a good thing I’m tenacious.
Unfortunately, it’s not great timing and could get me into a whole mess of trouble.
Why does falling for a guy need to be anyone’s business but mine?


The past couple of years were a whirlwind of activity. My career took off after my guest shot appearance in Americana. I appeared in a few indie features and finally got a shot at my first major motion picture release. The work came as a great distraction from my personal life, which took a further nosedive after I found out the guy I was falling for had already fallen for someone else.

Why should I be surprised? He was another in a string of failed relationship attempts. I swore I wouldn’t get involved with anyone else, choosing to stay focused on my career instead. That is, until the force of nature known as Archer McMillan came storming into my life.

To be the pursued instead of the pursuer was not in the cards. To top it off, he’s everything I’m not. Yet, there’s something to be said for a guy who can make you laugh when it’s the last thing you want to be doing. I’ll admit he’s got a playful and determined spirit. Archer also has one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’ve ever known. Not the mention the cute way he… Hold on. What am I doing? We cannot be a thing. Nope. Not gonna happen. Ever. Right?


Rating: 4 out of 5.


On this one we know the gang and it’s centered mostly in Noah and Josh relationship and a little there with Kai too.

I did began with the latest one but with this one I could understand all this hate / love relationship that as going on on that one too and all the struggles omg they were a lot but that’s life.

I could understand where Noah came from and how all that shaped him into what he is today and how the changes were going on not only in his mind but in his soul.

Loved the way how Josh came into the fold and all the friendships came into place for all of them and the relationships too, it was very organic in a way and felt very natural really.

Loved that they’re families were a so critical point in all their relationship.

About the book – Book 1

Noah Sinclair
Noah Sinclair is best described as an egotistical, pompous, anal retentive, asshat. And those are his better qualities. Lately, Noah has lost touch with his playboy character “Jace” on the show Americana and can’t quite put his finger on why. The studio decides it is time to shake up his character by making him an offer he can’t refuse, literally. They will introduce a new love interest for his character “Jace.” Only this time, there’s a twist.

Josh Hill
Josh Hill is up a creek and sinking fast. He’s got no job, no money, no credit and is about to be kicked out of his apartment. Opportunity comes in the form of a job offer from the show Americana. Everything should be perfect; only there is one hitch. He will be the new love interest for Noah Sinclair’s character on the beloved show.

So, opposites are supposed to attract, right? Not so fast. No one said life was that easy. Both actors find themselves in untested waters. Will they be able to play a same-sex couple with no prior experience authentically? Well, they say practice makes perfect.

Carefree, fun-loving Josh and uptight, overbearing Noah, realize they need to make the best of their bad situation and are forced to find common ground. Over time, their roles in each other’s lives become blurred. Is their attraction fake, or is it real? To top it off, Noah has a dark skeleton in his closet that can prevent them from ever moving forward.

Can they get on the same page and save both of their careers and their relationship?

Or will they end up yesterday’s tabloid fodder?


Rating: 4 out of 5.


After all the drama on the first one you will think everything was going to go smoothly, but think again because the drama came back with a vengeance on this one omg.

So on this one Jos it’s trying to get back to his life after everything that happened and enter Liam causing troubles, loved him he was the bad boy and liked it period no mask no filter.

On this one even after coming from the 3rd book I was scared it was going to end in a very sour and tragic note it was like omg no no more problems please.

But even when all the twists and dramas and almost apocalyptical and huge fights they did turn around and came back to home and they’re new family where they belonged.

And love that it went so smoothly at the end for the next book with Kai and Archer, total fan on them already.

About the book – Book 2

Noah & Josh

The entire world witnessed their fight for love.
Obstacles were beaten and won.
They were living their best lives.

Is that all? Is that the end?
Seriously, did you really think it would be that easy?
Oh, hell no.
Their story is just beginning.

Josh and Noah are navigating the twists and turns of their newly public relationship…to varying degrees of success.

When they are lured into the trappings of Hollywood’s influence, they end up on the rollercoaster ride of their lives.

Strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a bumpy ride.
You will need to hold on tight.

Temptation, by any measure, is a fickle beast.
And when you are given the world on a silver platter, it’s downright wicked.

Truth, lies, fame, fortune.

All bonds will be tested.

Will the binds that ground them finally break?


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