Passerby: A Psychological Thriller | Review


Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the book:

Jester Falls has always been an idyllic town. Perfect for a getaway. And what better place to stay than Magnolia House, the tourist trap’s most popular bed and breakfast, run by the eccentric Channing family.

Ruth Channing loves her family—at least what’s left of it. She’d do anything to protect them.

But it isn’t until her brother picks up a mysterious woman on the side of Route 78 that Ruth realizes how many definitions the word anything can have.

Everything about Ashley Parker rings false: her past, her profession, even her name. Most worryingly of all, her reluctance to leave. When guests start disappearing, it’s clear there’s more at stake than just the family business… a lot more.



First Impressions

Being fair I didn’t really understood what was happening in the beginning it was weird but the more they keep talking and doing the plot it got easier.

It did got me very confused there but it wasn’t a bad thing really, I did went and couldn’t really put it down so it was something.


Ruth was curious I mean who does that after finding what has been happening in her house and all the weird things, but thinking rationally maybe everyone who knows.

The family was so weird really I mean after a while you really begin to challenge your sanity with them, like omg and the villain you will not see it coming.

Final Thoughts

By the end I was totally invested and the feeling of deja vu never leave my side but it was fun to hear it and trying to connect the dots, totally a page turner.


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