Fearbook Club | Review


Rating: 4 out of 5.

About The Book:

The new kid in middle school is tossed in with the misfits of the Yearbook Club only to uncover a mystery going back decades: One student from each class goes missing every year, and no one seems to care.

Now, the “club” will be pulled into supernatural peril as they attempt to solve these mysteries, all while being harangued by their drama-inclined advisor, their creepy principal and, oh yeah, the ghosts of those kids who have disappeared. 

Fearbook Club | Review


This one got my attention on Instagram since i do like a lot graphic novels and comics I couldn’t let it pass.

It was pretty interesting the way it got the plot going I mean the disappearances and all where curious.

The characters where fine, I was more invested in knowing the why of the people going missing more than anything, I don’t think they were utterly memorable for me or anything really.

It was an interesting read to pass a little time.


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