January Boxes

Last month was pretty good on the boxes really, I had my ipsy coming in and the sales from December on FFF and from them I received a little code to try one for teas it was interesting and I did stock up on teas it was hilarious.


With the promotion this one cost me $8 for the normal subscription that brought 2 bags of loose teas with their little bags to use and 4 bagged teas, now for a $16 a box per month I didn’t felt it will cut it really maybe at $8 but it was a great way to knew different teas.

Then I went and buy 30 dollars worth of tea and it was so worth it.

Ipsy January

This ipsy for me was more of a gifts material thing because I didn’t need more bronzer nor highlighter nor the sponge I don’t really used them, and the night cream wasn’t that good really so it was a little disappointed on this one, but we can win all right?

Fab Fit Fun Sales

I have been having so much fun with this one really, it has so many cool things, like the crosswords books those are helping me earn a lot of words in English it’s awesome.

And the little croissant for stress awesome I loved it so much.

My mom take advantage of this box too since they do tend to have everything you can imagine and she went and bought a cool lunchbox and a bent go everyone wanted one when she went to school, she is a teacher so all her coworkers wanted one.

Have you tried any of these boxes? which one you like more?


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