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The Thief’s Relic


(Son of Avaria #1)


By Angela Knotts Morse
Young Adult, Fantasy
Hardcover, Paperback & ebook, 394 Pages
December 4, 2021 by An Encouraging Thought Publishers

Eamonn never wanted to be a thief. 

So when a risky mission goes awry and he receives the chance of a lifetime, he leaves behind everything, even his newfound family in the Thieves’ Guild, to pursue an apprenticeship as an honest merchant. 
Traveling the country means he sees and hears everything. Civil unrest, rebellions against the monarchies, and rumors of a usurper bent on uniting the provinces under himself with a mythical form of magic. Few suspect he’s not chasing a dead end, including village girl Leyna, a believer in the magic of ancient histories. Eamonn’s skeptical heart is also swayed once he finds himself the tyrant’s target, unknowingly possessing the key to harness the dangerous power. 
To protect it, Eamonn’s only choice is to flee. But now that it’s the mission of his former brothers in the Guild to hunt him down, keeping magic out of their hands might be harder than either Leyna or Eamonn thought possible. If they fall, though, their world does too.


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About the Author


Angela Morse has been writing since the fourth grade when a teacher wrote an encouraging note on one of her assignments. The note read, “I would not be surprised if I go to the library one day and pick up a book by Angela Knotts!” That simple note lit a fire within Angela and she developed a passion for writing stories. Though she has dabbled in a few genres, Angela’s favorite to write is Fantasy. Her audience is typically New Adult (NA) or sometimes Young Adult (YA), depending on the age and maturity of her characters and intended readers. Angela currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, daughter, and cat.


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“He’s here!”

Eamonn peeked out from the corridor to see another young Idyrrian man pulling someone by the forearm into the main room: the librarian. Eamonn gasped, but clapped his hand over his mouth.

The readers in the room’s chairs had risen to their feet, seemingly frozen in shock. Several new individuals had entered, other Idyrrian men and women, hooded and cloaked, who didn’t appear to belong in the library.

“There you are, old man,” came the first silky voice. Eamonn couldn’t pinpoint who spoke. “I need to access the vaults, and you are going to open them for me.”

“I won’t be letting the likes of you into our vaults,” the librarian, Marwan, responded. Eamonn knew him—one of the oldest librarians, but also one of the most knowledgeable.

Based on where Marwan directed his speech, Eamonn assumed the silken voice came from a raven-haired man with his back to Eamonn. Whatever the man might have worn was hidden under a black cloak, its hood hanging from his shoulders. He took calculated steps toward Marwan and spoke again, his voice bouncing off the ceiling and echoing around the room.

“You will let me in,” the cloaked man said, his voice like a rosebush—attractive, but full of thorns, “or you will see this library burn.”

Excerpted from The Thief’s Relic by Angela Knotts Morse, Copyright © 2022 by Angela Knotts Morse. Published by An Encouraging Thought Publishers.


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