Best Wellness Events 2021

So last Saturday July 31 2021, I went to Wellness Revolution the event was organized by Citta Yoga and held on Plaza Causeway, it was awesome, loved it.

It was a day full of cool yoga classes and I did meet lots of cool brands that return to the environment or are environmental friendly.

I did bought a new t-shirt for this event in Titan, polyester it’s really a good fiber for this, perfect for yoga and anything else that you have on mind really if it’s exercising.

I did two classes, I loved the one with Riri she was super fun, totally rocked the class; I don’t seem to remember the other name of the instructor, but that one was pretty cool too very nice.

The Buti Yoga was my limit, I got totally destroyed in this one, but it was super fun, I liked it even when after I did have everything a little sore, I will advise to begin very slowly with this one, it’s pretty intense and Ana Maria gave us a good experience.

I discovered Gaia Concepts too, were I bought this versatile and eco friendly hairband made of recycled materials, it’s super nice and soft.

And the little hand towel was like being in heaven, super easy to clean in the wash machine after and they are absolutely perfect for exercising and have on the go.

Other things I did get to know was The Snack Guru I’m in love with their cheese and spinach patty so delicious, and I don’t even eat that much spinach really, so it’s a plus for me.

Something I brought back that everyone loved too was the chips and the dip from Avegado , they were so delicious we couldn’t stop eating.

For drinks I get to know Hatsu and Viel each with their interesting properties, the hatsu was good it helps that they are a lot of flavors and they are pretty economic, viel was more sugar flavored for me, like gelatin maybe, not bad but it was weird for water, but not bad just different.

A few months ago I went to an event at the Residence Inn hotel here in Panamá, we had yoga, meditation and a powerful breathwork by the end.

The yoga part was done with Yoli Novoa, it was pretty cool for all levels I did try my balance a little there, it was actually super fun and very good for the body and the mind.

The Meditation was done with Vita by Anita, I relaxed a lot with her, and she makes food too, the experience was pretty nice and soothing on that part.

Finally the Breath working was done with Alessandra Santos, this one was a surprise to me, until that day I really didn’t done any like conscious breathing at that level and wao it was an enriched experience for me, totally amazing.

For me it was a great experience, this events are so good in my soul and mind it help me grow a little everyday and I get to know lots of amazing people too.

So going more on the wellbeing side, I’m doing Tai Chi too with one of my friends, it has been very fun actually and very interesting. The movements are practical, relaxing and they flow amazingly.

On fridays we go to Parque Omar and do it full on with nature, it’s awesome actually and I got to know a lot of great people, I’m looking forward to this clases really, they do a lot of good for my mind and body, if you’re looking for something to try, this one it’s a great one to do.

It’s so peculiar how you didn’t knew you missed something until you actually don’t have it anymore, with all that has happened in this last 2020, I didn’t knew I liked to go to the park that much but coming back it’s an awesome experience, I do hope I do it more frequently now, and Panamá has such great parks to go commune with nature and yourself.

All this experiences and new friendships actually have inspired me, and I’m doing my meditation instructor training right now and will begin my yoga instruction too in September, Looking forward to see how that goes and what interesting things it brings.

On the weekend too we had an event of Tai chi + Ayurveda on Villa Palma, it was such a great and beautiful experience with more great people on it.

We began with Tai chi exercises with Jaime, taking notice of the wind and the nature we had all over us, it make you think the universe it’s so big and we are part of it and sometimes don’t even realize it, all this experiences have made me growth a lot inside and at the way I see life and my surroundings.

We then did a meditation and little massage with Anita, it was a nice and wholesome experience for the soul and at the end we ate great food made by Vita it was cool, this sharing fill me with warmth and good vibrations every time, I just like them a lot and hope the events keep coming in the next months.


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