Welcome 2022!!

A new years is beginning, we say goodbye to 2021 and hope that this new year 2022 treat us better hopefully, let’s see what happens with this pandemic that doesn’t seem to go away and just keep coming back like a boomerang.

A few things that I will want to do this year it’s eat better my stomach will be happy about it, definitely after the 5th salmonella I need to get myself together and do better by my digestive system. So this year I will begin meal prep for all 3 meals on the day, so if you have any suggestions drop it on the comments, any recipes or Pinterest or anything it’s welcome.

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Second thing it’s my reading challenge, this year a friend and I put ourselves on buy ban, so far I have been doing great so hopefully this 2022 no new purchased books, I do arc reviews so those will not count they’re already free; so I have my TBR pile on notion ready to get down at last this year so wish me luck on this one.

Third thing will be collabs, I always loved helping others so I want to do as many collabs these year as I can, for reading stay tuned on my instagram will be letting everyone know what I will read next so we can read and review together; would love to do some lifestyle or wellness things too, since I will be talking a little more about that in my blog this year, I’m not just a reader so I wanted to open a little the topics I talk about on my blog.

I do hope this 2022 will be better for everyone, I do think more ideas and projects will come along in the year so I hope you stay with me to see them and maybe collab on them.

What are your hopes and dreams this 2022?

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  1. lisascubby

    Happy New Year!


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