FabFitFun Winter Boxes 2021

So I came back to FabFitFun this year, my mom and I are taking a lot of advantage on this one, they have a lot of good products.

The first box that came was a gift one, since I paid the year in advance, let’s check it out:

From this one I was super excited by

  • The xo, sienna desk organizer I was looking for something like that for a while now so it was a super win
  • The glasses where lovely I gifted them to my mom since it a house thing and we were actually doing a little cleaning and changing things in the kitchen already so yay
  • The necklace I decided to keep it since usually I don’t have much of those and it’s delicate and cute
  • The tom sunglasses where awesome will post it for January that it’s our summer here
  • Last thing in the box was a Dr. Loretta micro peel pads, haven’t used them yet I’m a little concerned with those never use anything like that before, will come back later with that when I used them.

Next box to come in was my Black Friday purchases, on this one i was a little more excited since I did buy this items.

  • The concealer / highlighter stick it wasn’t as big as I though but it’s doing the work nicely so that a plus;
  • The summer and rose socks are soo soft, I will probably use it less than a lot of things, but there have been a lot of chilly nights lately so hopefully it will let me use them a lot
  • The jewelry circular box was awesome so minimalistic and it doesn’t get a lot of space it’s perfect
  • The Voir treatment mask was awesome I already used it and it’s heavenly and et my hair very soft and clean.

Now my mom gifted me

  • The gaiam yoga gloves, will be using it shortly since I do a lot of yoga so it was perfect xmas gift for me
  • The xo, siena moon sticky notes are gorgeous we planned on split it or something but we couldn’t just separate it, so I’m planning on gift her one with another theme for three Kings day here we still have gifting those days
  • And finally she bought herself some wireless headphones since hers where acting up a little already.

And lastly the winter box, this one I could pick some when I got seasonal and the other things were surprise, let’s get over the products:

The ones I could pick was

  • The travel sheet, it’s so soft I loved even when red it’s my least favorite color
  • Something else I was able to pick was the ouai detox shampoo and it came with a scalp massager and omg it’s a cool combination I don’t know how I have lived without it all my life, it feels great
  • The briogeo frizz cream Haven’t use yet but I do hope it helps me a lot, I live in Panama and we have a lot of humidity
  • I did get too a set of candles that I used as a gift since I received a lot of those lately too.

Then the two surprises were

  • The teas, they are absolutely delicious never tried this brand before but totally recommended, you can smell the blend as soon as you put the bag on the water
  • The trio of things were a liquid eyeliner put for gift later on don’t use them and
  • A bomb make from Bennkai that it’s so cool I did yogurt bombs with it so fun
  • The last thing was a barefoot scientist pedicure file was awesome, was looking for somethin as that but haven’t really had any real winners so plus on that.

So as you can see I’m loving this box totally awesome, have you ever tried it? do you have curiosity for it?


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