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Rating: 4 out of 5.

About The Book

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A new detective… a case that’s deeply personal.

It’s 2003, and Zoe Finch has just joined CID.

When a body is found with its eyes missing, Zoe begins to suspect the killing might be linked to historical events that involved her family.

When another body is discovered with its ears cut off, Zoe knows she’s right. But can she find the killer before the crime gets too close to home?


Firsts Impressions

This one was pretty short, but introduces us to the character of Zoe Finch, on her first murder case an what fun this one is.

Loved the idea that was going on this plot, the righteous not so good intentions of a few doing a lots of bad events on the others. Can’t really say they didn’t really deserve it.


Zoe our protagonist is obviously having a rough time, with everything that is going on in her life and wao it’s a lot to take in., still doing her best at her job or trying to. She tries to be strong and in her situation don’t know what I will do.

Mo is a very sweet character in my opinion, he is so nice a person and is very understanding and supporting.

Final Thoughts

By the end of the book I think you understand better how Zoe thinks and how the character will be developing afterwards in the series, the case was pretty cool would have love to see a little more, but hopefully tis will be more fulfilling on the series cases.

About The Author

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pen. In every job I’ve done, I’ve been the unofficial writer in residence, putting together briefing notes, press releases, training documents and anything else that involves putting pen to paper. As well as being the office expert on the possessive apostrophe.

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