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Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the Book

Three companions must unite against the forces of dark magic and faerie as the battle for Ansu continues.

Savarna is missing, captured by the witch Sheega. Jaran Saerk and Finvar must cross into the frozen realms to save her, battling demons and new terrors. Meanwhile, Savarna’s twin brother must choose: save his sister or save the woman he loves as the warlord Calla invades their land.

Time is running out – for everyone.


Firsts Impressions

So far in the story we are introduced to more of the faerie folk, and they do seem to be very difficult people to say the least; the beginning has a few answers that the first book let us so the pacing is very strong and fast as the first one.

The worlds of men keep colliding with the faerie one and other dimensions that’s interesting actually, because it set a more larger cast and situations that we could imagine in one go.

One thing i do like a lot about this one it’s the power plays, they are so many you don’t know who is really going to win the war ir the realm I found it fun.


Our cast keep growing, the older favorites are still going up and kicking harder than ever, Savarna shows a vulnerable side of her that seems so endearing and nice, Jaran keep going forward no leaving anyone behind if he can help it, Finvar is growing a little more in this one and he goes through quite the journey if you ask me.

Valgard seems as an interesting addition to the plot, he does seem to be very selfish in a way and can’t really say it’s a bad trait for him, he does what he can when it counts.


Lots of war and conflicts on this one, very cool actually, I do want to find out in what this ends.
In this book we do find a lot of secrets unraveled and that thickens the plot very nicely.
And it remembers us that not everything its what it seems usually there’s more to what the eye can see.

Final Thoughts

By the end it leaves you wanting so much more of the story and the twists, we still have one more adventure to have so I do hope this journey will end with an explosion.

About the Author

I was born near Doncaster England in the early sixties but later moved south to Sussex, where I lived for many years. One of my (several schools) was at Battle, a small town named after that historic conflict in 1066. You know the one, it culminated with poor Harold getting that arrow in his eye and those rude Normans invading our green and pleasant land.

Growing up so close to that scene of ancient carnage awarded me a fascination for all things Dark Age. I’d fallen victim to a weird and random imagination, resulting in a love of epic stories and epic story telling.

This affliction prompted me to delve deep into the worlds of Tolkien, Peake, Eddison and Moorcock. Also about this time I commenced drawing imaginary maps and inventing stories about wonderfully nasty folk, doing wonderfully nasty things, whilst pent up in gloomy unpleasant places.


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