Comic Review Grimm Tales from The Grave


Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the Book

Mad Cave Studios presents a horrifying take on the Grimm Tales. Headlined by creators like: Cullen Bunn, Mark London, Stephanie Phillips, Chris Sebela, Nadia Shammas, & Che Grayson, along with stories from our 2020 talent search winners. Expect familiar stories with modern sensibilities & new terrifying illustrations.

With an all-original 20-page story from writer Cullen Bunn & artist Andrea Mutti using the Grimm Fairy Tales as inspiration, Mad Cave’s first ever horror anthology, based on a variety of Grimm Fairy Tales, will feature over ten haunting stories from a range of creators. In addition to industry veterans like Mark London and Stephanie Phillips, this anthology will feature work from all of Mad Cave’s 2020 talent search winners.


This one I discovered from netgalley

I really like this comics anthologies they are so interesting, this specific one was pretty interesting with the theme, I really liked a lot if not all stories in it.

The illustrations all made every story so unique it was awesome, my favorites were
Hello my name is, Billi and his friend death, The Girl with dirty hands.

I did find a little on every story and the retelling were so awesome specially pay the piper and weft.

Totally recommended if you love to discover classics another darker way.


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