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Rating: 5 out of 5.

About The Book

Nijou is the perfect student. He’s class president, great at sports, and beloved by all his classmates, especially the girls. But he hides his true feelings; deep down he’s terrified of letting everyone down with anything less than perfection and being rejected. As the most responsible and respected member of the class, he’s asked by their teacher to check in on Toomi, a student who hasn’t been to school in a while.

Toomi sees straight through Nijou’s insecurities and acts belligerent, but he has a secret of his own; in order to pay off his father’s gambling debts, he performs in drag on an adult cam site as “Haruka”. When Nijou accidentally discovers the truth, he struggles with whether he should tell Toomi, or continue to feign ignorance. But at the same time he finds himself developing feelings for Haruka… or is it really Toomi he’s falling in love with?


In this manga we have 2 stories.

The first one it’s about two school friends Nijou the class president and Toomi his classmate, this one was pretty cute, since Nijou it’s the most pressured teen in this one, he tries to get on everyone good side but this it’s so bad for him in the long run, you know what they say if you make everyone happy you will never be happy, and no better example of that, that Nijou suffering from this every time someone touch him he feels disgusted.

Toomi on the other hand, it’s the only touch Nijou can actually put up with, but he is suffering from abandonments issues since his father disappeared on him one day and he has trying to do everything in his power to bring money in to survive in the apartment he lives, when this two encounter each other it’s a so sweet romance to read, they have lots of issues but it’s just so lovely seeing them try to navigate everything for themselves.

The second one, was super short, but also super delectable to read, in this one we found Kasumi suffering from a childhood unrequited love and in addition to that a love triangle since his upperclassman Saiki told him he is in love with him. By the end he outgrown his love and make a decision and let us to enjoy the adorable outcome of that.


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