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Rating: 4 out of 5.

About the book

When everyone has an ulterior motive, who can she trust?

Becoming Queen is the last thing on Shalitha’s mind, but when an unexpected illness takes down everyone but her, she has no choice but to rise to the occasion.

With more unexplained accidents happening around her, she is convinced none of them is coincidence. But when she sets out to find the truth, she soon finds herself surrounded by dirty intrigues and political schemes where she can no longer tell friend from foe.

Between the enemy at the gates and the unseen enemy within,she must fight with everything she’s got to defend her realm and survive.

But will it be enough?

You’ll love this thrilling fantasy adventure, laced with deep secrets, intrigue and deception, and twists and turns you won’t see coming.


Firsts Impressions

So the book hook from page one, it was super catchy and interesting so I just wanted to keep reading and know what will happen with everything in this world.

The story had a very good pace and all the development were pretty nice and everything just kind of came in to place at the perfect time.

I loved that it didn’t felt cluttered or super condensed it was the right amount of everything in the perfect moment.


OMG on this one I got a crush in half the book, they were so nice and cool and everyone had something likeable in a way at least the ones most close to our protagonist.

Shalita was strong willed and just, I loved her a lot she was so fun really.
Esahbyen was so fleeting but total crush on him I want more.
Talnovar was best knight ever and love interest, he was so awesome, I actually read the book for him after seeing a pic, glad I did.

Eamryel was complicated for me, i wanted to strangle him and then something changed, why do I do this to myself is beyond me, but he was best villain if I ever has seen one.


I loved the lots of power plays at motion here, I mean everyone wanted something different, but that’s how life works in reality so good and interesting.

There was the prophecy too, to think about it had so much to do with all power play inside and out of Shalita’s life, it was a super nice touch too, since in a way we see the diabolus ex machina at work on this one, because here villains seemed to have the best upper hand, I’m anxious to see what the other books will lead us.

Other thing that I liked a lot on the story was that the power was a matriarchy, you usually don’t see this often and it was so fresh to have it that way.

Final Thoughts

By the end I was in love with the world, the characters everything, it was so masterfully pieced together it was amazing and a great experience for me, I went into an emotional rollercoaster here.

I did liked that not everything was resolved here, this it’s just the beginning and it felt like that, nothing forced or too farfetched the progression of the plot was perfect.

By the end you know that as the name implies there’s a conspiracy, but why that’s still a mystery, I would love to learn the motivations on this plot there’s so much more than I want to know in this.

Total page turner, more if you love fantasy and power plays between royalty and common wealth.

One thing I should say it’s be careful what you wish for, life’s rarely fair and it will do the monkey paw on you and give the less expected circumstances to make it true.

About the author

Kara S. Weaver currently lives in a remote village near Rotterdam, the Netherlands, with her husband, two children and a cat. Three days a week, she teaches English at secondary level – the other days she ‘works’ as a mom/policeofficer/nurse/writer hybrid, spinning tales of fantasy in a fantastical world.

When not trying to keep the children alive, whether they be students or her own, Kara can be caught devouring books, binge-watching Netflix, or playing boardgames with friends.

If you would like to share your thoughts, ideas or send a message on the world of Ilvanna, feel free to send her a message.


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