Review Cici’s Journal: Lost and Found


Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the book

Everyone has secrets, but no one can hide them from Cici!

As a future writer, Cici knows what questions to ask and where to find the clues she needs to unlock peoples’ hearts. Yet even though Cici is great at helping others, for a long time now she has kept a dark and painful secret hidden inside herself.

Cici’s friends and mom all want to help her heal, but she keeps pushing them away. Can a treasure hunt, a mysterious mansion, and an epic beachside fight help her to open up at last?


I’m totally in love with this comic.

This one has 3 little stories, and I love how everything comes round in this one, seriously was an experience for me.

Some of the stories if not all, always have a hearth breaking quality but also so much joy, one thing I loved about the stories too is that helps cici and her mother grow as persons and to get help when they have a problem.

I did cried with Cici’s own story but it was so wholesome at the end and it actually made me reflect on things that we as people tend to do a lot and carry the baggage when we shouldn’t and don’t ask for help when we actually need it, it made me want to get all my problems out in any way and begin to heal my hearth and mind and feel happy again and just live and be good everyday, so in a way Cici inspired me to want to be a better person and regain happiness for myself.

The illustrations are breathtaking so recommended for anyone who just want to learn how to be more happy or just read something beautiful.

About the author

Joris Chamblain is a French author ,. He fell into comics at a very young age, went through the fanzine, then in 2010, he published two short stories in the lanfeust mag, as well as his first comic book album “La recherche emploi” (since disappeared).

IN 2012, the series “Les carnets de Cerise” was born, published by Soleil, which very quickly met with critical and commercial success. At the beginning of 2013, the series “Witches witches” began, which restarted at Kennes éditions a year later, in comics and novels.

At the beginning of 2014, Les carnets de Cerise won the fauve jeunesse at the Angoulême bd festival, confirming the success of the series. At the end of 2014, Joris Chamblain released “Furie”, his first novel published by Auzou editions. Following that, 2 new series are born: “Nanny Mandy”, published by Kennes, then “Enola and the extraordinary animals”, published by La Gouttière.


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