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Most of us have something that we would really like to do but for whatever reason we don’t. We postpone it, making use of some excuse that works for us, that is credible. Lack of time, money, support … there is always some.

Procrastination is our number one enemy. In the short term, it makes us live with stress, rushing to be on time with due dates. In the long term, it generates guilt for not completing our projects.

In this book, a comprehensive approach to the problem will be carried out, analyzing its origins, real causes and possible solutions. Through examples and personal stories, more than 30 scientifically proven techniques to stop procrastinating will be presented. In addition, self-assessment tests will be provided to discover to what degree and in what way one tends to procrastinate.

It is possible to get going. It is possible to meet your goals, achieve your dreams. Beating procrastination is not just a matter of “time management.” It is a fundamental skill for living a full life.

I bought this one after a webinar, I really found it super interesting.

Understanding why we leave things for later and what type of procrastination we are using is also very useful to solve the problem.

There are many ideas to get rid of procrastination and improve productivity, totally a good manual for when we need a push in the right direction.


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