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Let the award-winning author of La Marca del Vampiro take you on a terrifying journey through 15 shocking horror stories, based on the most popular legends of Panama and the world.

In addition, Florentino Hidalgo includes his short novel The Curse of Hollow Creek as a complement to this unforgettable adventure.

What secrets are hidden in Hollow Creek? Only by entering the chilling world created by Florentino Hidalgo, will you find the answers …


I loved the stories, I felt that I could relate to many of these stories since several are things that our grandmothers and family or friends tell us, especially when they live in rural areas and these stories abound because something curious always happens.

They all seemed super interesting to me, and the little story at the end was super good a lot of substance and makes you think what is really going on in this place called Hollow Creek.

Something that excited me about these was that the author used a lot of anecdotes that have even happened to him or his family as a basis for them, as they say, every story has some truth behind it and that makes them much better because they are things that you They make you want to know later if something could happen if you happen to go to one of these places.

Definitely recommended if you like stories of ghosts, ghosts and other beings.


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