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Humans can be animals… It was meant to be the perfect partnership, in work – as dedicated veterinary surgeons – and in marriage… until Melody Kitteridge discovers her husband’s body at their practice in Hove.

Detective Astrid Van Doren is tasked with making sense of the perplexing circumstances of the case.

Experience tells her the culprit is usually close to home, but with black-market vets, venomous snakes and illegal gambling rings, there is nothing usual about this case.For

Melody, the only way to be completely free from suspicion is to confront her dark past and her marriage. To prove her innocence, she must find another’s guilt herself. 


This one was a pleasant surprise, I began reading and was like curious way to die and then it gripped me in its claws and didn’t let me go.

The plot was interesting having this marriage of vets and one of them dying under pretty weird circumstances, and one thing the author did well it was to not throw the murderer until the end and it was a good as any reason to kill as any other, it was cool.

With the characters I had so much fun, they were super relatable and easy to connect with the development was good and didn’t felt as if it was too forced or anything.

It was a totally page turner, it were moments that I just couldn’t put it down and didn’t wanted to either.


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