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About the Book

Abraham Salgado, who had a more than difficult past, starts working in a gigantic complex called Hospital San Niño, which also houses the mentally ill. He soon discovers, much to his regret, that the place hides colossal and disturbing secrets, and it grows increasingly strange and sinister as the days go by.

He can’t escape from there, whatever he does.
San Niño Hospital is a death trap … and threatens to destroy Abraham in unspeakable ways, just as it has done with countless souls before him.


This one had made me very excited to read it sincerely, starting out it was quite interesting, I played a lot with that perception that you are seeing in Abraham and how others do not behave very the same, they seem more made of cardboard than human in a certain way, which makes it something curious to the plot.

The idea of ​​having several stories centered at the end all in the hospital also I think helped you in the plot, because it allowed you to come to imagine a bigger image of everything that was happening.

The problem started when you noticed that the terror did not appear at least for me I did not see that it scared me at any time, that when you were deconstructing certain things that were happening it was quite simple and that in the end you did not feel that as satisfaction that you were looking for in a horror book.

The end of all the stories seemed very dead to me in all the circumstances that the characters had led up to that moment and it was like and what happened to everything else that we had been seeing up to this point and I felt that at the end there was an interesting context with which very little was actually done to perhaps get to the point that was wanted and none of the ideas that could have better condensed the story were fully developed.

About the Author

Ángel David Revilla (alias “Dross” o “DrossRotzank”) nació el 16 de julio de 1982 en Caracas, Venezuela. Desde niño, su gran pasión ha sido escribir y su primer libro publicado, Luna de Plutón (Temas de Hoy, 2015), es un extraordinario éxito de ventas, que ha deslumbrado y mantiene expectante al mundo hispano con una épica galáctica que transporta a los lectores a universos con personajes jamás imaginados. En su segundo libro, El Festival de la Blasfemia (Temas de Hoy, 2016), el autor se luce con una historia de terror y humor negro como solo él puede contar.


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