Review The Prophecy of the Elements

About the book

Marco, Cora, Ray and Sandra are the four young members of a second division rock band without much success on the music scene.

His life consists of subsisting from day to day alternating temporary jobs, waiting for his great opportunity to arrive. But that will change the day a young woman dies in strange circumstances, changing her fate forever and pushing them to flee for their own lives.

A story of rebellion against injustice in which friendship, betrayal, love and disappointment are combined.

Do you dare to believe?


This one, I really wanted to read it a lot and it was quite interesting, although I liked the dramas of everyday life more sincerely, Sandra, Ray, Cora and Marco had a talent for that that was funny, but that was good their interactions felt quite a lot real.

The magic part seemed interesting to me, I felt that I was entering more into an urban fantasy, and it had its good part of action which helped a lot and I loved that of the houses by signs, a good touch really.

The plot had a good rhythm which I appreciate, if there was perhaps a part that felt a bit long because it was a bit slow but otherwise it was great all the juggling in which they were involved and there are all kinds of situations.

A good read if you like magic, trouble, and romance.

About the author

Paula de Vera García, a writer from Madrid from a Burgos family, was born in the capital on June 15, 1990.

Showing a great imagination from a very young age, at the age of thirteen she began to write her first novel, Alma Elemental, and she was followed another four more diverse participations in contests and literary contests, but it was not until 2014 when he finally managed to publish for the first time with a publisher.

With a degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Complutense University of Madrid, she tries to combine her work in an equine clinic with writing, also participating in various competitions while promoting her novels on social networks and libraries.

“The Power of Darkness” is her second published novel of hers, and is the continuation of “The Children of the Gods”, the first volume of the trilogy of the same name.


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