Review Echoes of the Runes


Their love was forbidden. But echoed in eternity.

When Mia inherits her beloved grandmother’s summer cottage, Birch Thorpe, in Sweden, she faces a dilemma. Her fiance Charles urges her to sell and buy a swanky London home, but Mia cannot let it go easily. The request to carry out an archaeological dig for more Viking artefacts like the gold ring Mia’s grandmother also left her, offers her a reprieve from a decision―and from Charles.

Whilst Mia becomes absorbed in the dig’s discoveries, she finds herself drawn to archaeologist Haakon Berger. Like her, he can sense the past inhabitants whose lives are becoming more vivid every day. Trying to resist the growing attraction between them, Mia and Haakon begin to piece together the story of a Welsh noblewoman, Ceri, and the mysterious Viking, known as the ‘White Hawk’, who stole her away from her people in 869 AD.

As the present begins to echo the past, and enemies threaten Birch Thorpe’s inhabitants, they will all have to fight to protect what has become most precious to each of them…


After so long, I read this one, I totally came into the series without any order, but that’s what I love from this one, you can actually go about them like that because everyone is one of a kind and you will understand it no matter what.

Now Hakkon and Mia story was so cute, and the drama of protecting what is yours going parallels in both ages was awesome it gave you so much, it dwelled on the find yourself through all the troubles you are having and the perspective was so immersive.

I have fell in love with Sweden with these books really, I do hope to see more of this unique stories Christina waved for our mind and souls.

About the Author

Half English/half Swedish, grew up in Sweden, then moved to Japan for a while.

Writes historical romance/adventure stories and time slip.

Also YA romance as Pia Fenton.

Former Chairman of Romantic Novelist’s Association.


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