Review Street Party

The party was supposed to be the highlight of the summer. If only I’d known that night would destroy our lives…

All the neighbours were laughing, drinking out of plastic glasses and getting along. I almost felt happy. Almost forgot about the terrible argument earlier and the sinister messages I’d been receiving from a strange address all week, threatening to expose the lies behind my perfect life.

As we finished with the red and gold fireworks and welcomed everyone back to our house, I believed that everything would be okay.

But I didn’t know who I was inviting in.

I never could have imagined what would happen here, in our home, after I’d gone up to bed.

Everyone saw something different.

It’s my daughter’s word against the story the boy from down the road is telling. But how can I find out what really happened that night without everyone finding out the truth about me?

So I saw this one on Instagram and reading the summary was so interesting, so I get it on netgalley because I need it on my life.

As any good well explained thriller, it does have a little slow pace at the beginning but we need to understand where are all this people coming from, what we can see and then what’s underneath and that’s okay, it felt very relatable it had a very family next door feeling , that make it more deep in a way.

The characters were alive and you felt for them every step of the way, that was a good thing for me really, no one wants dead characters that you can’t relate to or think of the situation.

The resolution was a little bittersweet as life is, since well in life there no good or bad it’s just very complicated and sometimes toxic so on that I think it was a good resolution for everyone, since everyone got what they needed or wanted and some were more schemy than others as in real life.

It was a very nice thriller for me, will recommend it if you want something a little more close to home.


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