Interview Nitika Sharma

  1. Tell us a little about you.

I am Nitika Sharma .

“Broken Words Complete me

Fills inscrutable spaces in life and Heal me”

I was born and brought up in the foothills of Himalayas .Shimla a small city in India where my roots  and my soul belong.

An engineer in an IT firm with a poetic mind is something i do for living. Undying love for travelling, italian, acoustics, coffee and optimistic souls is something that defines me .I write micros,musings,poetry,fictions and blogs.

Apart from this

I am an author of “Escaping Vapour of Void”,”A Swing in Heaven”

and co author of five Anthologies .I had been also part of some writing projects worldwide.My Poetry Pieces had been  read live by many promising poets and poetic  community across the globe.

My insta blog is @unutteredemotions where i bleed out my inmost emotions .Why did you choose the poetry road.

2. Apart from poetry, what other books do you enjoy.

I enjoy fictions,romance, and Mythological books

3. I see you have several books, which one was the hardest to write?

Poetry flows in my blood naturally . With every thought poetry flows like a river. It is not process oriented .My writing is my observation ,my experience and myself.

For me compilation of a swing in heaven was little bit hactic .

4. Have you ever wanted to write anything else apart from this genre?

I wanted to write fictions .I am exploring this field

5. Where can readers find more about your work.

Reader can find my work on instagram, online retailers ,your quote, Kindle,  goodreads globally



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