Review – Journey to Snowfields

Located deep in the Canadian wilderness, Snowfields Academy is the premiere school for equestrians from around the globe. With only a handful of students admitted every year, only riders who have the potential to win world-class tournaments are invited to attend.

Shaman, a stallion new to Snowfields, has proven to be too much for the school. He’s too wild, too dangerous, and too unpredictable for even the most experienced riders on campus.

Unexpectedly, the one person who can calm him is the girl least likely to become a student at Snowfields. Zoe is a world-renowned musical prodigy who is only on campus to support her BFF as she takes the riding test required of prospective students. Zoe doesn’t ride and is more comfortable performing solos in sold out music halls than she is around horses.

But there’s an inexplicable bond between Shaman and Zoe, from the beginning she dreams about the horse and his life before and after he was captured – and abused – by “the predator man.” Within days, she’s run away from home to help Shaman escape and reunite with his herd. It’s a daring rescue mission with twists and turns that Zoe and Shaman aren’t prepared to face.

Will the risks Zoe’s taking ruin her musical career or introduce her to a whole new way of life?

I came across this one, when looking for something to unwind and relax a little, that it was about horses was definitely a plus, I just love stories like that.

It was a very nice good little story, with a little of drama and lots of fun.

This one is perfect for middle graders and to relax a little with a story that’s not overly dramatic but it has this beautiful lesson about friendship and courage.

black horse on green grass
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Topics on the Book:

  • Friendship
  • Communication
  • Determination
  • Fairness
  • Justice
  • Confidence


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